May 26, 2010

Home Improvements

This past week I made my first real home improvement to the house.  It was very necessary given my recent hospital stay and it should increase my home value a bit.  I converted my bathtub/shower into a straight shower.  The same construction company that did my home repair did the work and they were awesome.  $1300 later I have the original tub in my garage with the panelling and now I have a walk in shower in my master bathroom.  The cats sure love it too, until they get soaked with water since hehehe...I have had to figure out how to use the shower without having the water drench the floor in the rest of the bathroom (poor Curio) LOL.

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A new week

It is Tuesday of my second week back to work and I have to say that at this moment, this week is going far easier than last week.

I have another week before I can start driving again.  I am glad that everything is working out well again and that I am pretty much back to normal.

Now that I am feeling well...I am focusing on rebuilding my financial nest egg that I had to tap into and in the next couple of months continue improving my health and then I can refocus on the aaliyah.

During my time at home I did get to spend time learning some Hebrew.  The last week home I think I made the best progress....and I have to say I did make Lital laugh over a term I read on What War Zone...

I asked her what does:  "Yanti Parazi" mean?

Her response:

hahahaha who said it ?
if you say it fast it sounds like- Zienti Para= I fucked a cow
the Israelis are crazy

Very funny stuff..

Now, if you are interested in learning Hebrew, I found this link -

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May 21, 2010

Draw Mohammad Day

Today is Draw Mohammad Day!  Everyone get out your sketch books and draw he who should not be drawn (piss be upon him).  Remember this "man of peace" loves the children so much his wife was 9 years old! 

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May 19, 2010

Day 3 back to work

Been back at work for now, 3 days.  It has been great, but also trying.  I am so glad to be working again - I am able to get my mind off of the rut that I was in when I sat at home all alone and focusing on every slight pain thinking it could be something worse.  I get to be more proactive, move more and this will only help me in recovering my lost stamina. 

The only issue I am coming across is such a draining feeling.  Everyday so far I have come home from work bone tired wanting to fall asleep...and in pain.  When I do finally go to sleep I end up waking up every couple of hours feeling sharp pains then after they pass I am able to go right back to sleep. 

I just feel like I can sleep for 2 full days again LOL....I just sort of have to wait for the weekend to really rest up.  The good news is that I am still losing weight....YAY!!!!

And, today the contractors are supposed to be at the house converting my bathtub to a shower only! That will be awesome when it is done!

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Ah Damn it

I did a post about Noam Chomsky, Self Hating Jew, being denied entry into Israel......and somehow it did not get posted.  DAMN IT ALL...hehe...Oh just means I get to talk about it again. 

Good for Israel for denying the scumbag from entering Israel to preach his - its all Israel's fault BULLSHIT.  Now if only the US would deny the piece of shit from entry back into the US - hehehe...

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May 18, 2010

Pixies in ISRAEL

I am sure most of us do receive the facebook notices from Lital....the most recent one totally had me smiling and wishing I was in Israel....because the Pixies are coming to Israel! 

Oh yes, the musicians that brought us "HEY" are going to be visiting the land of Tasha and Dishka! heheheh.  I hope Lital and Adi get to go to the concert and more importantly have a chance to met the band!    It would be so awesome if that happens! 

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Back to work

It has been 7 weeks.....7 LONG weeks but I am finally back to work.  It feels pretty good....yesterday I was able to put in a full 8 hour day at the office!  I was sore by the time I got home....but I did it. 

I cant say enough how much I really do enjoy my job and the environment.  My boss is so wonderful, everyone has been wonderful at the office - making sure I am ok....checking in to see how I am feeling - making sure I am not over exerting myself.  Deanna even asked me if I felt I needed to take Tuesday (today) off just to make sure I did not overtax my body.  For the record hehe, I am here at work today, but I did think it would be a good idea to rest tomorrow (and with that, a contractor is coming to my house to renovate my bathroom - specifically converting my bathtub to a shower only - which will be SO damn helpful for me!)  So, tomorrow I will be able to rest up, relax and hopefully speak to the surgeon about this one tiny complication that I have developed that is more of a nuisance, and only painful when irritated.

It is my belief that by next week I will be at a full week schedule!   FINALLY.  I have missed being busy and being productive.  If it wasnt for the college I am sure I would be going bat shit crazy during the 7 week recovery process. Hehe but at least I saw Shogun while recovering hehehe.

Maybe in the next couple of months I can resume planning my trip back to Israel again......heheheh (I will keep my fingers crossed.)

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May 14, 2010

Almost recovered

This is my final week off.  Beginning Monday I will be starting to work!  I feel about 85% back to normal.  I am down to only two pain pills a day...which is OUTSTANDING.  Both Dr appts went off without a hitch.  It has been very good!  Now I am just glad I am now able to start back working again!  WHOOO!!!

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Music Video!

Calabria 2008

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May 02, 2010

A positive achievement

Yesterday Alex and I went out.  This is important because it is the first time I have been out of the house since I was released from the hospital.  We went to Barnes and Noble and I got some books on Israel - since I am almost done with my other books on Israel.  I want to have a very good background on Modern Israeli History for when I do make the aaliyah.  And yes I am trying to talk Alex into going with me to Israel LOL.

Then we went to WalGreens.  Got some medical supply stuff to help with my recovery.  I almost wish my niece still worked there so I could have had her family discount LOL, since I paid almost $100 on stuff there.  Oh well. hehehe

Then we were going to go to the ATT store so I can fix my Iphone but I was just too whipped to continue.  I was so tired by the time I got home, but it was a success.  Over 4 hours out and it was a success.  When I finally went to sleep, after NCIS I fell right to sleep.

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April 30, 2010

Home issues

As I mentioned previously, while I was a prisoner of the hospital my house was flooded.  Alex found it.  To say I was stressed was an understatement, as there was NOTHING I could do.  All I was able to do is to make phone calls, file claims and schedule appointments while I was in the hospital.  Jenn made the tenative contacts with the restoration company to have the carpets dried, Alex was able to get the flooding stopped, my sister helped me replace the Washer (which was the culprit). 

Since I have been home the restoration company has been here for 4 days doing work in the garage, hall way, closet and part of the stairs cleaning up and restoring the damage done to the house.  Today they finally FINISHED.  All we need now is a carpet cleaning company to come and clean the carpets and that will actually put the house in a better position than it was prior to the water leak. 

And on Monday the restoration company referred an electrician to me who will hopefully be able to set up the spa FINALLY.  I will find out Monday @ 9:30 am.

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Today I spent most of the day getting caught up on bills, finishing home repairs from when the house got flooded while I was in the hospital....and making Dr appts.

May 4th - Primary care physician appt
May 11th - appt with Surgeon - should get the OK to go back to work.

I do have to say, loosing 6-8 inches of large intestine really sucks.  I feel so damn limited at least until I get used to the new changes in my body.  On the good side everyday I am getting less winded again when I go walking.  This weekend I do plan to go out - though I flat out will not eat out - and I probably wont drink anything either while I am out of the house. 

Another good thing, I am diminishing my pain pill consumption pretty rapidly.  As I have blogged before, I have been taking Vicoden pretty regularly and about 2-3 months ago it even got upgraded from vicoden to percocet.  And, before the surgery I was taking about 6 Percocet.  Now, just a week since the second surgery I am down to taking about 4-5 Vicoden a day.  A WONDERFUL improvement.  I hope to either not take anymore pain pills by the weekend or be down to 2 a day.  YAY ME. 

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April 29, 2010


Hi everyone,

It has been a long long time.  But I have returned. 

I know some of you follow me on facebook, but for those who dont know.  I had surgery (well 2 surgeries). It has been quite an adventure for the past month.  I am home after a two week stay in the hospital and am recovering. 

Now I will be able to start updating and cleaning out the blog again.  I had not been able to really get into it because of all the pain meds I was on but with the surgery done the need for meds has diminished and hopefully (G-d willing) will end.

I hope to be back to work around May 15th.  In the meantime I am getting stronger, pain getting less and hopefully in the next week or two I will start feeling back to normal.

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March 24, 2010

I cant believe I missed it

The day of Rage because Israel dedicated, well let the Muqata explain it:

Dozens of Arab youths hurled stones at Border Police officers in the Shuafat refugee camp,Isawiyah and Wadi Joz.

PLO chairman Yasser Abed Rabo called on Israel yesterday to refrain from dedicating the Hurva shul, but Israel did it anyway.

Let's compare Israel's dedication of the Hurva shul, which the PLO called on Israel to prevent, with Israel's call to the PA, not to dedicate a city Square in Ramalla in memory of a terrorist who carried out the deadliest terrorist attack in Israel’s history.

The PA of course, dedicated it, led by PA President Mahmoud Abbas.

UGH...I hate not feeling well.  

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March 06, 2010

Dino NEWS!!!!

When It Will Be Silent — In this stark, wordless short, a man in a mask buries his dead wife.  The fact that it’s set in the demilitarized zone between Jordan and Israel adds a political layer to the film, but it’s powerful even without that knowledge.  Dan Sachar directs the traumatic scene with an unflinching eye—maximum impact in a compact timeframe.  The simple desperation of the lovelorn protagonist is not easy to forget.

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February 17, 2010

YO Mossad

The next time you need to Whack an Hammashole in some hotel in Dubai or some other hell ridden Arab country...feel free to use my Identity!!

This of course is due to some Irish folks saying that Israel used their identity to whack an Hamashole in Dubai.

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January 14, 2010

My desire for the aaliyah

Over at the Muquata, they have an article up about the aaliyah and his summary (JoeSettler) basically sums up how I feel about the topic.  Despite the health issues I am currently experiencing the aaliyah has never left my desire!!!!  I am copying and pasting this post because I feel it is a very interesting read!


Aliyah is like Marriage

There have been a number of articles lately about Aliyah from America – or rather the lack of Aliyah from America. While Nefesh B’Nefesh has made the pre and post Aliyah process easier, statistically (and numerically) there simply hasn’t been a significant increase in Olim from the US.

Michael Hirsch’s interesting article in the Jerusalem Post highlights this failure and attempts to explain why this is so.

But what he doesn’t touch on is how to increase Aliyah. (Or why it’s important – but that requires an entirely separate post).

I look at my own reasons for making Aliyah and wonder if (a) they are relevant to anyone else, and (b) if it is something that can be transferred to others.

Like most other Jewish families, Israel was discussed somewhere in the background in the home, and mentioned casually in school, but the country simply never interested me. And Aliyah certainly wasn’t something on my radar or of the schools. Interestingly enough, I usually found the Israeli kids in my schools far more interesting than the Americans to talk with.

That disinterest in Israel changed during my first trip to Israel - and not even then. It was only towards to the end of my vacation that something about Israel just clicked with me. I can define in part what it was, when it was, and where it was, but I don’t believe it could be the same thing for anyone else.

I returned to America distracted. I realized that I wasn’t going to stay in America much longer. A few months later I was made a self-organized pilot trip, and a few months after that I was in Israel – allegedly for the year, but I was already sure it was for good.

I realized that I wanted to stay, and luckily I eventually found myself in a Yeshiva program that supported my idea. And while difficult over the years (and even at points extremely difficult) in the end I stayed and I would define my Aliyah as a success.

I think Aliyah is like marriage.

When you’re young, naïve, without baggage, less critical and judgemental, and everything else, marriage is an easier decision to make, but as the years go buy, the older you get, the more difficult it is to decide and commit. Just like one can end up single forever, one can end up in America forever – always rationalizing it away.

So what would make Aliyah an actual option on the table for more people?

Outside of the US it’s easier. There’s anti-Semitism, there’s no financial future, there’s no viable Jewish community. Israel looks better on every level.

But in the US, anti-Semitism is low (though rising), the financial condition right now is poor, but that is likely to be temporary over the long term, the Jewish community is strong (at least the religious one is), and it’s simply easy to be a Jew (though perhaps sometimes a little embarrassing).

For the average American Jew, moving to Israel means a foreign language, coarse people, unwanted bureaucracy, a poor implementation of democracy, high taxes, and low salaries (to name a few issues).

And unfortunately these perceived negatives will almost always outweigh the positives facts that often actually trump them – but you can’t find that out until you actually jump in the water.

While Hebrew can be learned, you soon find out that everyone wants to talk English to you; the people can be rough, but you can say what you want to them in return; the bureaucracy is annoying, but it certainly is not what it was 10 years ago, and in fact most services are now online – you can log in and accomplish almost anything, the understanding and poor implementation of democracy sucks, but you can literally approach your mayors, and Knesset representatives in the street and they will talk to you (I do this all the time), taxes are high and salaries can be lower, but schooling is inexpensive, and medical insurance is not high, while treatment (medical and personal) is excellent (we’ve discussed this in the past) – the system is not the socialized medicine that everyone remembers from years ago.

I am not saying there aren’t difficulties. You need to find jobs, a home, etc. – but these are challenges you might face anywhere. And now there are plenty of Aliyah organizations and support groups that provide mentors and assistance to closely help you with that transition – something that wasn’t really around a decade ago.

But everything I listed above is a “rational decision”. These are things that the older, more established person worries about.

In fact, these are the same types of questions that older single people use to rationalize why he or she shouldn’t marry the person they are dating – unlike a younger adult who only knows that he or she is in love, and marriage is clearly the next step.

Selling Aliyah to someone established in their job or community is like convincing a single person to get married. It sounds like a good idea to them, but it always gets stuck in the implementation.

I think that first of all you have to get them young. Birthright is a good first step – it creates that connection, but it isn’t enough, nor perhaps even young enough. It certainly needs some follow-up programs.

But more than that, every Jewish school (Elementary and High School) should have charismatic Israeli teachers teach teaching there (on rotating limited one year Shlichuts) teaching about Israel – not Hebrew – Israel. Israel’s history, its goals, how it’s relevant to the Jewish people, and most importantly, why Israel is such a wonderful place and of course Aliyah.

Create a sense of mystery for these young students. Create a sense of interest. Create a sense of possibility and challenge. Create a connection.

I certainly did not have that in my very Jewish education growing up.

(I admit, while I am sure the Israeli government or the Sochnut would be happy to sponsor such a project, how many principals (or parents) would be happy to have such a curriculum in their school – a curriculum which would eventually drain their student base?)

If you can create that interest, that sense of mission and possibility when they are young, then when they do reach that age of decision, it is actually something they will seriously consider.

Certainly generating interest in Aliyah is a generational mission, not something that should be planned on a yearly basis – how many people can we convince this year with an extra grant or loan.

Going after the families, after the adults is important, but it requires a tremendous amount of resources to both convince and support the process.

If you go after the youth, you are going after the ones that will be able to fall in love and make that emotional decision –without the baggage that accompanies someone who has already made a life in his community.

In fact, often when the kids go, you know what happens? The parents follow.

Hasn’t anyone realized that yet?

If Israel is really interested in significantly increasing Aliyah it needs to start going after the Jewish youth. Create that interest; describe the challenge and the mission. Bring them to Israel in their mid-teens and connect them to Israelis. Get them while they’re in the schools. Get them in the after-school programs.

Spend resources on the low-hanging fruit. Yes, it will take them a few more years to make the move - but after asking any Jew in the US about their 5 (then 10, then 15) year Aliyah plan, getting a High School kid to consider studying in an Israeli University and then making Aliyah is not a long time-line at all – and is far more likely to happen.

Aliyah is like marriage, if you fall in love young, you can jump right in. But if you’re older, you’ll find every rationalization in the world not to do what you really want – and need.

Going to Israel?
Now get 2 phones for the price of 1 (and free calls too) with Talk'n'Save.

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael טובה הארץ מאד מאד

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January 13, 2010

Srugim Season II

IS UP!!!! Man I really really hope Lital is able to find Season I for me!!!! I really want to see it.  hehe

Link is here.

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Countdown to surgery

Yesteday I had an appointment with Dr. Salim.  The goal was to get my pulmonary clearance for the surgery.  It was a smashing success.  The appointment took FOREVER.  My initial appt was at 3:40.  I did not get in until nearly 4:30 and after about 2 hours later - he signed my clearance.  YAY me.

Next is the cardiac clearance!

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January 12, 2010

So the craziness just keeps on rolling....

So, this is what the crazy train feels like? LOL

Alex is here.  He got here on Friday.  It has been awesome!!  And an adjustment.  Right now he is recovering from his journey so he is sleeping in the living room until he gets to fix his room the way he wants it. 

His doggie is at current time - not getting along with the kitties.  The bums, for the most part, stay upstairs - away from Nikita (the dog).  Occasionally the cats (Curio and Avalon) come downstairs and are very light on their paws sensing a possible attack in which they will run light speed up the stairs to safety.  It has been hilarious to see the cats just bolt like a speeding bullet up the stairs.  Hopefully in time the cats will grow more comfortable with the dog LOL.  I hope.

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