March 31, 2008

John Adams - update

First off the first 4 parts will be run in a marathon on Friday on HBO.

Secondly, part 4 was last night and it was very good.  I enjoyed the friendship that Adams had with Jefferson - and that you could slowly tell that there would be a growing rift between them.  This part took Adams up to the advent of the Vice Presidency. 

Next week will be his tenure as Vice President up to his election as the 2nd President of the US.

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What a day!

Yeah I know it's only noon but DAMN..I am done! hehe

I had to fucking pay my taxes today!   This postpones my Hotel reservation thing...for the next 2 weeks.  $700.00 dollars!  Damn it sucked!  Oh well...

Then I had a plan when I got to was a good plan..a sensible one...a reasonable plan...I was organized when I left on Friday because I knew what I was going to tackle and more importantly, accomplish!  Yet the moment I walked into work today I have been fucked!  All my plans went straight to the crapper.  Now, I am trying to regain my footing and it just is not working. 

I just want this day to end!

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Final College Lecture

Over the course of my college classes there are only a few lectures that I can truly recall years after the original lecture.  And the majority of those memorable lectures were given by the same professor. 

It was right before my graduation (for my Bachelors Degree) I was in a humanities class and we were having a discussion about society and it's future evolution and how it will affect Western Civilization.  Now, my professor readily admitted he felt he was born in the wrong time in history.  He felt it was just out of place in the 20th Century.  He named everything for example - very anthropomorphic in behavior.  Even his Apple Computer had a name! LOL.  On top of this he was a Southern Baptist Minister - I am sure you know the type LOL.  

Well anyway, the lecture began about talking how society evolved from the last couple of generations to today.  The general consensus was that society was devolving with the counter culture movement and the cheapening of human life while at the same time there is the contradiction in society about the value of life etc etc.  Then of course this was big for Cal Baptist but the disregard of religious values and norms was a big topic of discussion (of course I could care less about that LOL) but also a combination of shorter attention spans, the MTV commercialization and acceptance among the population was discussed. 

In the course of this discussion one video seemed to be highlighted.  Beck's Loser video.  For some reason the professor (G-d I cannot remember his name for the life of me) was the one who brought it up.  He tended to use that video to highlight the gradual decline and self pessimism of society.  The fact that few people tended to view society in a positive manner and instead, focus on "I 'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me" type of mentality.  I remember pointing out that the song is more appropriate in a Teen angst sort of a reflection and to assume that it can be extrapolated into a society context is not exactly fair - was taken in stride but overall the class, being much more religious and older than me tended to disagree.

My thought was simple if you can take that one song and use it to show a crises of confidence in society then I could just as easily take Marky Mark's Good Vibrations as a counter point! LOL (Not that I would mind you). 

These were the sort of debates that I really enjoyed and thrived in.  Yes, I could see some points the professor was making how society has had a crises in confidence essentially going back to the Victorian age.  But this is something we all must deal with in an effort to continue to advance.  To assume that generations in the past did not go through such growing pains is to minimize those generations, IMHO.  Yes, our growing pains are different.  Maybe even worse than generations in the past - given the war on Terror, double standards for nations like Israel, wanting to be the good guy when time calls for strong and decisive action.  And digesting those major issues and a plethora of minor issues that might just barely touch our radar.  The ultimate question is what are we going to do?  Each generation has had to answer that question.  Generations in the past have had to answer that question and some of them answered it honorably - like the Greatest Generation and the generation of the Founding Fathers...some less honorably - baby boomers and the generation of the Civil War and immediately after (Reconstruction and the Guilded Age).

In conclusion here is the song that inspired the lecture.

Beck - Loser

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March 30, 2008

Old School Sunday

Is back again!  Peeps!    Enjoy the goodness!

While I am here stuck reading finals hehe....grading's that time!!!!  Time for some Soul on Sunday (SOS) hehe.

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince - Brand New Funk

OH DAMN!!! I so remember jamming to this back when I was like 15 years old when I did my paper route! LOL

Mobb Deep - Shook one's Part II

Lords of the  Underground - Funky Child


Rodney O and Joe Cooley - Cooley High

Whodini - Freaks come out at night

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March 29, 2008

My sister's B-day

Today is her B-day for the next 6 weeks we are the same age.  WHOOO!!! Another year!  I hope she has a wonderful year!

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For Dishka:

Mungo Jerry - In the Summertime

Looking Glass - Brandy - You're a fine girl

Led Zeppelin - Fool in the Rain

Pixies - Where is my mind

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Today's events

Today I got to speak to Lital again!  WHOO!!!   It was AWESOME!  Especially given how busy she is.   I filled her in on the trip.  And I am noticing a trend hehe....when I talk to her she is always hanging out with Dishka and Dino. hehe   She stated they were making fun because she was talking in English hehe.. (being Hebrew deprived sucks! hehe).  How many ways can I saw how awesome it is to talk to her?  hehe.  She says Hi to everyone!  And I am already looking forward to our next conversation. hehehe.

After that highlight I went to the Phoenix Museum of art to test my digital camera.  I took about 150 photos.  I will be posting them on facebook and Flickr.   It was a blast!  Museums are awesome. 

Visiting the museums are going to be a highlight of my vacation!

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March 28, 2008


The Anti-Islamic movie is finally up!!! After the producers, webhosters and many many other people have been getting death threats from those peace loving Muslims.

Go watch it...and NEVER FORGET. CLICK HERE

And, FUCK ISLAM!!! and FUCK Mohammad up his ass!

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A birthday

My Trainer, James Johnson, just welcomed a new son!  Congrats!!!

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Bunk Alert - Ace of Spades Masquarade party

It Is Time.

Masquerade Party Friday

Time for some intensive slackin'.

Don't deny it. Your continued presence here indicates that you pitilessly chisel many hours of paid time from your employers each week.

And it's Friday, meaning your brains never left the bed this morning. They're still snuggled up on your pillows, while your bodies are making ghastly fake 'work' motions to satisfy appearances and collect full checks.

This is the core skill set that enables the Ace of Spades Lifestyle.™

I am proposing an open thread.

I am proposing that this open thread be in the form of a masquerade party. Don't come as you are. Come as somebody more fun. I mean that in the nicest way possible.

Historical figures, famous people, celebrities, what-have-you. Flames not required. But they are encouraged.

I think it's safe to say that Dave in TX is likely to arrive in the guise of Thomas Jefferson.

And in accordance with ancient custom, the women will all arrive dressed like whores. (Added for emphasis) 

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March 27, 2008

Today (my mother's birthday)

Would have been my mother's birthday.  She was born in 1945 in Shanghai, China.  I have mentioned her before on the blog.  I just realized it's been almost 6 years she has been gone.  Hard to believe.  Very hard to believe.

She would have been 63 years old today.  That is hard to believe as well.  I always miss her...but there are times where her absence is even more prominent.  This is one of those times. 

Anyway, I am just glad she is no longer suffering and in a much better and more peaceful place.

Here is a clip to a song she loved listening too.  And every time I hear it I remember her.

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Some music? hehe

Yep I think it is that time:

Tom Petty - You got lucky

This I think is one of his best songs!  The video is cool too. But that clip can't be posted. Oh well!

Peter Gabriel - In your eyes

Adamn Ant - Strip

One of the first MP3's I ever downloaded at least 7 years go or longer!! LOL

And here is one for Lital - since she used this song in a clip

Spandau Ballet - Gold

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another part to the vacation update

Since I do plan to take my laptop with me.  I just upgraded the Ram.    From half a gig to 2 gigs. It's max.  Damn I wanted to get more like 4 Gigs...oh well.   I guess I need to get a better laptop eventually. hehe.

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I will be home! FINALLY!  To a watch whatever I want to watch on harass my kitties!!!  FINALLY!!! Whew!!! I made it! 

Now to kill all these fucking weeds in my yard and plant some flowers that I got!   WHOOOO!!!!

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March 26, 2008


We last left our heros deciding where to stay in Jerusalem!

Now, our diligent heros are deciding what tours to embark on and trying to pick the days.

See our issue is our desire and hope to meet Lital multiple days...and with Adi and my hope to met Yair.  Of course I am more than willing to work around their schedules.

There are a number of tours to go through.  During the first week we should be able to take two tours.  I think we have decided one tour through Jerusalem.  It is the other one that we are discussing...either North through Galilee and Golan or south to En Gedi and Masada.  

Then what else to do. LOL

Ok I got a little personal story...hehe...I asked my niece...what she wanted as a souviner when I come back.  So she responded uh what's its Disneyland..I just laughed   It was cute.

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Some Random Clips

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Breaking the Girl

The Go Gos- Head over Heels

The Bucketheads - The Bomb

Reposting La Rissa - I do Jay and Jane

I reposted it because the previous one was deleted.  And the song is just too cool!

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March 25, 2008

So so tired

That is how I feel.  Since sunday I have had to wake up at 4 am drive from Gilbert to Laveen, deal with my cats then work a full day - til 3 pm.  Then I have to deal with my classes (7 classes) and then run errands with my boss.  I am lucky if I am back in Gilbert by 6 pm.  Then I have trouble sleeping since I am not home!  This fucking sucks.  I want to be home!  I want to be in a bed! instead of sleeping on a loveseat!  Damn this sucks!

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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

I just bought it - The Criterion Collection.  It has deleted scenes and the second DVD has Johnny Depp reading part of the book and script. 

I am tormenting my nephew by watching it. LOL

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BUNK ALERT - Music Videos

There is your warning!  Either the songs or the videos have serious ummm..sexual content!  Be aware..

While I was out running errands all of these songs came on in the radio and I just knew I had to blog it.  Enjoy the sex!

Mousse T - I'm Horny

Musto & Bones - Dangerous on the Dance Floor

La Rissa - I do both Jay and Jane

Gotta love the bi-sexual context   Damn the beat is fucking cool!

Puretone - Addicted to Bass

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March 23, 2008

The Other Boylen Girl

This was a very good movie based on the life of Anne Boylen, 2nd wife of Henry the VIII.  I really enjoy period movies to begin with..but this one has Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman and that just makes it that much better! hehe  I didn't find Natalie Portman as believable as Anne Boylen.  And, they did the Rome Treatment in this film as trying to use an accusation of incest as a means to drive the plot.  They really did not need to do that....there were plenty of other historical based accusations that would have moved the plot sufficiently just not with the shock and awe value as saying she was accused of sleeping with her brother - her gay brother, according to the book this movie is based upon. 

The reason I say this is the Rome Treatment is in the HBO Series Rome, there was a scene where Octavian (the future Augustus) sleeps with his sister, which is absolutely historically inaccurate.  Egyptian Pharaohs do that...not Conservative Romans - and even they were married (the Egyptians).

Despite these issues, I highly recommend the movie.  I will be getting it on DVD.   7.5 out of 10.

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