June 30, 2007

Day 0!!!! - Countdown completed!

Today is it.  We have reached Day 0.  This is the end! LOL well atleast a new beginning.  As most of us already know the girls are back and in celebration some of us regulars came up with a welcome back clip for them.

Welcome back clip

Chris created the concept and did all the editing.  I tried to get more of us regulars to particpate.  In the end three of us participated:  Chris, Steve and I.  It was a good experience, but I HATE looking at myself and my voice. LOL

Anyway, on a better note - Tasha graced us with her prescence in the chatroom today!!  Unfortunately, no one was there but me.  So, I had the pleasure of chatting with her for about 5-10 min.   She wanted me to tell everyone Hey!

Also, yesterday the girls put up a new clip on youtube - the first since they have been back.  It's called Lip Sync is Dead - Tasha looks GREAT dancing around and Dino did a good job too. Dishka was the comic relief when she tasered Dino and Tasha! LOL  Enjoy the clip and the caribbean music!

Lip Sync is Dead

So how was this post for the final day of the countdown?  Any further ideas or suggestions as to what I should do next?

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Terrorist Incident in Glasgow

Well, it seems the terrorists finally had a successful attempt. I am here watching Fox News...showing the car bombin/fire.  I cant tell if this is at an airport or at another location...I just see this car in complete flames.  When are we going to take the velvet glove off and deal with these people as they should be?

According to Fox, the terrorist attacks was at Glasgow Airport.
The US has raised our terrorist threat level for airports
this with the two failed car bombings in London yesterday, we are in for a hell of a ride.

According to a fox reporter today was a very busy day at the airport....because school vacations started today.  The airport was nearing full capacty with passengers, visitors and others.  Then this car DRIVES through the front of the windows....and bursts into flames.

There is a report that the two asian men were throwing petrol in and around the car!!!!   If this isnt a red flag I have no idea what would be at this point!

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June 29, 2007

Flashback Friday is in effect!!!

It's less than two hours to go...until Happy Friday!  So it's time to get into that attitude....  

When I first found out about Tasha and Dishka clips I only went to youtube to watch music videos.  As a matter of fact I was drowning my two secretaries because I would play the same music over and over and over again.  I would listen to some Bobby Caldwell (which I already posted before) and I would listen to some of the following:

Master Ace - INC Ride

This song is SMOOTH..and I could listen to it all day long! Can you tell who originally did the beats in the background?

Snoop Dogg - That's That

DAMN SMOOTH Tune...when I hear this on the radio...have to blast the radio up!   - also the uncensored version is better!

Ice Cube - Friday

This is one of the funniest movies of ALL TIME!  If you haven't seen it...RENT FRIDAY!  You wont regret it.

L'Trimm - Cars that go Boom

Heheh, I remember this song when I was starting to drive (15 years old).  Back then to be cool your car had to have LOTS of BASS! 

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Blog Rating

Note: This tool also works on myspace profiles, livejournals, facebook, and most websites

What's My Blog Rated?

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

  • crap (3x)
  • kill (2x)
  • fart (1x)
Just some observations, I cannot believe that after the humpin' robot I would only get a PG-13 rating.  Whereas the king of the moron blogs (Ace of Spades) gets an NC-17 rating.  I think the fix is in!  Well if I had that one removed blog post I am sure it would have taken me over to the NC-17 rating.  Oh well...I guess this blog is safe for teenagers - for now!

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ONE DAY LEFT - New Heep Clip!

One day left for the countdown and today we get a new clip!  Tasha and Dishka still on vacation and they run into another net celebrity - The Running Man.  And, he recognizes them!   Of course who wouldn't!  Here is the clip - Enjoy!

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June 28, 2007

Day 2 - More Clips

Well I almost forgot about today's clip since I have been celebrating the death of the Comprehensive Immigration Reform....Once Allah posted the humpin' robot and Ace posted his famous flaming skull and cowbell tribute I just sort of lost track (well that and a couple of beers helped too).  But, seriously, we cannot forget the talented and lovely Tasha and Dishka - can we!  So, lets enjoy one of their cute and funny clips

Living in the Fridge

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Humpin' Robot day

Robot libido

Shamnesty is dead!!!

This clip was inspired by Allah @ Hot Air

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Shamnesty DEFEATED - Part II Die Harder Edition

Today, the Comprehensive piece of Crap Legislation known as Shamnesty was defeated in the Senate.

Today, President Bush, Various Senators, Agri-business, La Raza and all illegal immigration supporters suffered a devastating defeat with Cloture being denied in the Senate!  Now, the bill is dead and G-d willing will NOT rise again.   It was amazing that over 70% of Americans did NOT want to pass this piece of crap, yet it almost was!

Hot Air has a complete rundown!  So does Ace of Spades!  YAY for our side.  I hope this bill will not be resurrected for a 3rd time and I also hope Kyl and McCain realize that they should be voted out of office the next time they are up for re-election.

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June 27, 2007

Day 3 - Being Handy

Here is a clip of Tasha and Dishka's Being Handy - and the outtakes.  I really enjoy the outtakes as much as the actual clip, since I enjoy learning how they did the clip and who all was involved.   I wish more of the clips had behind the scenes and I would also like to see how Tasha and Dishka go about editing a clip.

Being Handy


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June 26, 2007

Another Tribute - To Lovely Tasha

SHAWN is back!!!   And he has another tribute to the lovely and talented Tasha!

Enjoy!   this one is one of his best!

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Day 4 - Picture Gallery

http://www.freewebs.com/tashka/pics.htm  - click on this link! There is a very good picture gallery here.  There are some pics that I honestly do not even remember seeing.  Also, remember to click on the links on the side for links to Tasha, Dishka and Dino.

Here is the girl's newest clips - The Fashion Police

Cute clip.  Interesting clothing choices.   Though I do have to say - Dishka really doesn't need Empire Waist Dresses. LOL


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REPOST - and lifted - A Letter to AoSHQ from ....

This was just too good not to lift!  Here is the original link with comments.  This is a letter from Senator Lindsey (I think I am a man) Graham

A Letter to AoSHQ from Sen. Lindsey Graham*

June 26, 2007

Mr. Ace O'Spades
100 Skid Row
Boston, Massachusetts

Dear Mr. O'Spades,

I have been reading your self-described "moronblog" for the past several weeks as you have attempted to single-handedly thwart my attempt to bring Comprehensive Immigration Reform to the American people against their wishes. And while I might have been receptive to your advocacy for other initiatives that can be tackled single-handedly, I must take this opportunity to address both you and your readers with but one simple thought:

How you like me now, bitches?

You see, Ace, by this time tomorrow the bill that Senators Kennedy, McCain, Kyl and I wrote in secret will be well on it's way to becoming law. And there isn't a thing you or your redneck army of toothless mouthbreathing opponents can do to stop it. And I know I have good standing to call you toothless mouthbreathers, because I'm pretty sure I saw a photo of you in my paper of record, the New York Times.

So keep on with your whining about "enforcement first" and "building a wall". Keep exposing the "deeply flawed" provisions of this bill. I take solace in knowing that the only thing motivating your interest in this bill is your own inherent bigotry. After all, if you weren't a bigot, you wouldn't have taken the time to read the bill looking for reasons to oppose it, would you?

As my good friend Ted Kennedy says, one man's frustrated tears is another man's sweet, sweet tequila. And you, my friend, are 180 proof. In fact, I'm so giddy right now I think I might get together with Sen. Kennedy and throw caution to the wind by "eating the worm", so to speak.

To your credit, you put up a good fight. If it weren't for the strong and yet tender massage therapy treatments offered by my undocumented cabana boy Pepe, and the aromatherapy treatments I was turned onto by Trent Lott, I might not have found the strength to continue on in my struggle to represent the National Council of La Raza against the onslaught of bigotry and hatred levied against them by you, your readers, and the redneck rubes who make up the overwhelming majority of the voting population of South Carolina.

Just remember Ace. Daddy always knows what's best for you. And make no mistake. I. Am. Your. Daddy. And by "Daddy" I mean "androgynous, asexual twerp with Senate voting privileges".

Better luck next time, loser. I'll be thinking of you in November, 2008 when I sweep to yet another victory on the backs of the Mexican-hatin' trailer park trash who make up my constituency.

See you around the truck stops!


Senator Lindsey "Wagner" Graham.

*The provenence of this letter is in some dispute. In the name of journalistic integrity it is probably best to classify it as "fake but accurate". Or parody. Whatever keeps the lawyers at bay.

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June 25, 2007

1 year ago today

It was one year ago today that Gilad Shalit was taken by Hamas. 
It has been 1 year since he has seen his mother, his father and his friends.
It has been 1 year since the Israeli Government stated it would do everything in its power to rescue him. 
Yet, 1 year has passed and he is still being held hostage.

I am glad that there is conclusive proof that he is still alive.  I am utterly disgusted that it has been a year and Israel is no closer in freeing him.  I am repulsed by the fact that Olmert is about to free 250 Paleoanimals.  Yet Gilad Shalit remains held against his will.

I hope and pray for Gilad's safe return to his family and loved ones. 

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Shamnesty again!! The Bill that wont die

Well all over the blogosphere and the MSM it is being reported that Shamesty is going to be brought back up again.  G-d help us all, our elected representatves are actually ignoring the will of the American People.  I have already typed enough about this travesty in the previous attempt to kill the very concept of American Citizenship - so I wont re-hash it.  I am just praying that those few Senators who are still "on the fence" realize that a vote for cloture is a vote for the lawbreakers.  My mother's family came to the US legally from Russia (somewhere near Lithuania).  They fled the Pogroms and the Russian Civil Wars.  And they waited until they had visas (prepared by President Richard Nixon, before he became VP).  So, I have absolutely no sympathy for lawbreakers. 

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COOL Beats - Sneaker Pimps

This song is so smooth!

SneakerPimps - 6 Underground

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Day 5 - Heading towards the home stretch

We are almost there people!  5 more days and they will be back.  Hopefully when they come back they will grace us with their presence in the chatroom so we can hear all about the sights they have seen, the places, the smells and the people they have experienced.

In case you don't know, Tasha has been updating the titles on the clips that Steve has uploaded.  There are even descriptions in some of the clips.

Here is an interesting sport #2

An Interesting sport #1

Lets do that and see what happens

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June 24, 2007

Rap Music

Yeah I probably should be grading papers LOL and I am...hehe..but I have this topic in my head so I am going to start talking about it now.

Most of you know I lived nearly all of my life in Southern California.  I was born in Compton, lived in South Gate until I was 5. At the time my life was threatened by my best friend because his girl friend liked me so he threatened to have his older brother kill me. (that was back in 1977).  So my family decided to move to the suburb (Riverside).  I lived there until I got a job at Earthlink in 1998/9.  I then moved to Temple City (suburb of Pasadena) and stayed there until I moved to Phoenix in 2004. 

During that time, I tended to listen to rap/house, R&B, and dance/disco music. It was what was most popular, execpt when I was in Junior High School when I really liked hard rock/metal music.  It wasnt really until I started attending That 70s show that I really became attracted to Classic Rock and oldies.

I have a soft spot for Rap Music.  Most people consider rap's golden age until about 1993.  I think it went until about the time TuPac and Biggie died (1997- .  I can see both dates as viable though.  After about 1994 there was a clear change with the massive infux of gangsta/sex lyrics.  That is not to say there was that prior.  Heck, off the top of my head I can name 10 artists that glorified that type of lifstyle prior to 1994 (All of IceT, Too Short, NWA, BWA, Geto Boys, etc etc - you get the picture) but things changed after the Chronic Album of Dr. Dre. Anyway, that isnt my point! LOL

One of the things I really enjoyed about Rap music was its lyrics, the tunes that they sampled (espeically before it became illegal), and especially the remixing.  I was so knowledgable about it that when I worked at Earthlink I was asked questions about obsecure rap trivia LOL.

Right now I am listening to a rap music remix of James Brown's the Payback!  That is one of the major plus's is that it exposed another generation of both black and white youths to music such as James Brown and Booker T and the MGs and other!  I also really enjoyed DJ mixes, those were the best like Funk Master Flex, Richard "Humpty" Vision, Bad Boy Bill, Frankie Knuckles!  Those guys rocked and had some CLEAN mixes.  I totally need to get my CDs out of storage LOL. 

But right now I am just going to jam to the Old School show and listen to Rodney O and Joe Cooley's everlasting Base!

I am posting this because of the song - not the video

Warren G - Regulate (uncensored)

Master Grimm - Indosmoke

Now if you don't know what they are talking about in this song, you probably don't know what the Chronic is either! LOL

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YAY, I am here grading papers on Sunday, listening to the Sunday Old School show streaming on the net from 98.3 FM in Phoenix (you can do a search on the net if you wanted to listen too).  Here are some of the tunes that are jammin'!

Kool Moe Dee - Go See the Doctor

Actually they were playing wild wild west, but no clip is on youtube!  So this is a good alternate! LOL

BDP - KRS1 - My Philosphy

THE CLASSIC Hip Hop rap jam of KRS1.

Domino - Ghetto Jam

Damn I remember this jam when I went to some clubs and parties...LOL

Paperboy - Ditty

Great tune and a classic!

Lighter Shade of Brown - On a Sunday Afternoon

This group they grew up in Riverside - saw them in concert back in the day before they blew up in So Cal! 

Kid Frost - La Raza

GREAT JAM!!!! I remember rolling in my dodge dart  (the first car I purchased) listening to this...and rolling slow with 10 inch bass speakers LOL.  G-d what a geek I was! LOL

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Here it is:  http://www.heep.co.il/heep/media/117168

It's a good clip.  Showing the girls going shopping and listining to Mama Mia (though I don't think its the ABBA version) LOL.

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June 23, 2007

Stream update

YAY the stream is working again!

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