May 31, 2007

Day 30 - no new clip - so something older then

This past week has been excellent, it is almost as if the girls are back from vacation, though we know thats not true.    They have posted new clips and commented on youtube.  Overall it gives a feeling of normalcy, so to speak. LOL

Anyway the welcome back clip is still going forward.  About 5 of us are going to take part of it.  Anyone can participation, we just need a good 15 second clip (or something comparable) to be included in the welcome back clip.

Another idea that has been discussed is the creation of a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about the girls.  This is probably a good idea because we have had quite a few newbies who have seen the clips and most of them ask the same questions over and over.   We might throw something together just to answer their basic questions.  Who knows we might get more regulars in the chatroom!

Well, its time for a clip:

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May 30, 2007

Day 31 - A new Dishka Doggie Clip

On Dishka's heep page, she posted a clip about her doggies.  It's very cute.  Hopefully we will see more cute clips like this.  Wow this is great, two clips in two days, its almost like the girls are back from vacation! LOL...I think we are starting to get spoiled again!

Well I do have an announcment to make.  Today I started updating the blogroll section.  There is an entire section devoted just for Tasha and Dishka links.  There are clips for Heep, youtube and myspace.  There are links for both of the girls clips as well as their individual library (hence the clip today).  There is also a link for Dino's youtube page as well (I don't know if he has a myspace page, or I would have included that as well).  Anyway, if you happen to know of any other links that I should include, please let me know and I shall add them.

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May 29, 2007

Day 32 - You can call Dishka - Al! -- New Clip Alert

Today is an excellent day, The Girls have put up a new clip.  I have to say this is probably one of the best I have seen!  Its a complete video parody of Paul Simon's You can Call me Al. 

Dishka is Chevy Chase - Tasha is Paul Simon. 

Very very well done!  I dont know what it is with the simple types of videos but they tend to be the best and this one is definately one of the girls best!  They nailed everything from the extra instruments to the comedic queues perfectly (especially getting in the door at the beginning of the video)!  Dishka nailed Chevy Chase's comedic movements and timing very well!   Tasha did great too - just as subtly comedic as Paul Simon was in the video.  This is now one of my favorites!!! BRAVO!  Excellent job!

Since the girls clip is on heep, here is the original video from Paul Simon - from 1986!

UPDATE:  What does Hametaylot mean?  This is on the clip - like the name of the band. 

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May 28, 2007

Day 33 - The Deleted Clips

As one becomes more familiar with Tasha and Dishka clips you will soon realize that Tasha had clips posted that are no longer available.  Some of them might be on Heep, but not youtube (Me and Dishka)  others are simple pulled down.  (Being Sad and All By Myself).  Some of us have asked Tasha to repost them because they are all excellent clips, but to date they have not been posted.  It's too bad, but we respect her decision.

Here is a list of clips that I know of that have been pulled:

Being Sad
Me and Music* (I never saw this clip)
Me and Dishka (The White Stripe Clip)
All By Myself
Lonelygirl response (I never saw this clip)
Ghost clip.
Tasha's interview (she was by herself and was being interviewed along with a guy talking about blogs)
Another Interview clip - Late Night Interview with both Tasha and Dishka.
That's Me - (I never saw this one either)

I believe there might be others.  But this is what I can recall of the top of my head.  I am also unsure if there were any Heep clips that have been removed. 

My final comment is that all of Tasha's clips have been great.  I have seen all of them multiple times (to say the least).  I hope none of the current clips will be removed, but of course we will entirely respect the decision to remove any clip.

When we first noticed the removal of clips, we contacted Tasha.  I thought she was leaving youtube.  As we can all see from the posting of newer clips, she isn't, and hopefully wont.  The one drawback we have with the Heep website is that we cannot comment on the clips.  At least with youtube we have the ability to comment on clips and the chatroom.  

If anyone knows of other clips that have been removed - please let me know so I can add them to my list.

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May 27, 2007

Day 34 - A nearly comprehensive Heep Directory

Shawn created this.  It is awesome and nearly comprehensive.  At least it will give any Tasha and Dishka addict a good idea of the Heep clips and what they are about and their URL. 

scary movie
boaz lazy Cup
T&D on Bed
livin in the frige
don't touch that
reality  tasha dance
T&D Neighborhood
T&D chat
White rabbit
watching heep vids
High Clip
ghost museum Sunshine
More vids
The first day of my life
Blue Sky Dishka Birthday
your Brain
Singing T&D
Hand Puppet quick
Dishka guitar
She Drives me crazy
Tasha Watching
Black Dog
Do you love me
Model interview
Hebrew Song
Tasha interview
Buss Sleeping
Young Girl Prank Call setup
Radio Blacked out
beer is good
Tasha Boy
Jack Sparrow
Gay Dino
Soap Girl
Soap Girl Outtakes
Hebrew Song
Super model
Halloween Costumes
I see Dead People
Resturaunt Phone cam
Hey Tribute
On Stage
Don't Know What to do
I wanna hold Your Hand
English Bar
Thelma and luise
3 girls Song 1
3 girls song 2
Tainted love
Smack My bitch up
Honey I'm home
I fart bearing gifts

This list will be updated as the girls put up new clips.  And soon we will have a directory of Youtube clips as well.

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May 26, 2007

Day 35 - More Tasha & Dishka clips!

Greetings again, it is time for another day to mark off the girls vacation.  I know we are all probably happy that its another day closer for them coming back to their homes, their jobs, another day closer for them to start attending film school and putting up more clips for their worldwide audience to enjoy!  But let's remember the big picture.  They are hopefully having the best time of their lives being exposed to new ideas, cultures and broadening their world view!  Its almost too bad that they couldnt take a longer break and visit other countries! 

As you probably have noticed, I added a subtitle underneath the blog title.  This title was given to this blog by Omri.   On the latest Tasha and Dishka Friday post.  Thank you Omri.  I blame you for this! LOL  You were the one who posted the girls clips. 

This is the clip that I first viewed on Omri's website:

And - here is another great clip!

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May 25, 2007

Day 37 & 36 - TGIF edition

Ok ok, its my bad - I got swampped with school finals and such that updating the blog yesterday completely slipped my mind!  I will do my best to continue with this endeavor without missing a day.

On the newsfront, we heard from Dishka!   It's a happy day! I hope they are having the best time that they can possible have!

Now, since today is happy Friday (and a 3 day weekend for those of us in the States) we should celebrate! 

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May 23, 2007

Day 38 - Tasha and Dishka do the movies!

Earlier in the year as another step in their cinematic evolution Tasha and Dishka took lipsynching to the next level.  They started an improvisitional take on some movies.  The clips they posted were takes on The Sixth Sense and Thelma and Louise. 

The Sixth Sense:

Thelma and Louise vs. Tasha and Dishka

My question is what other movies would be next?  The Godfather?  Donnie Darko?  Forrest Gump (which I think would be the best choice)?  What about TV Shows?  Sitcoms?  Plays?   Documentaries - the list can go forever.  What do you think?  and as I ask my students, why?

When I saw Tasha's myspace page and her trailer remake of Donnie Darko that was the first time I ever heard of the movie.  I have to say I really enjoyed that movie.  I don't know if the directors cut gives justice to it with all of its changes, but it is good, just not as good as the original IMHO.  Anyway, enjoy the clips and tomorrow will bring a new day of Tasha and Dishka clips!

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Mere Rhetoric - Israeli Hottie of the week

Just go there.  He started with Tasha and Dishka posts, then he moved those to Friday..and now on Wednesdays he posts youtube clips of the week's Israeli Hottie.  Since he exposed me to Tasha and Dishka in the first place, I think its only fair that I show him the respect of linking these posts.   Thanks Omri - you magnificent bastard!

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May 22, 2007

Day 39 - A NEW CLIP on Heep

Today the girls and Dino posted a new clip on Heep!!!!   I have to admit, Dan called it.  He was talking yesterday that he felt that there would be a new clip.  I wasn't entirely convinced but he called it!   Every week Heep has posted a new clip while the Girls are on vacation! 

The key points on this clip is that Dishka is not in it.  Dino, Tasha and someone new was in the clip.  All three actors did a fine job at the stock and trade - lip synching, playing air instruments.  Chirs was saying that he believed the clip had to do with an Israeli TV show.  Dan felt it might have been for a commercial; and I chose not to speculate.

The clip is about a minute and 9 seconds long, and I have been unable to identify the song.  It sounds like an Israeli semi-hard rock song.  The song itself has a sort of Smashing Pumpkins feel to it.  The lead singer does sound like Billy Curgan (sp.). 

Dino does have the rock star lead man persona down solid.  Much different from his perfomance in the A-Ba-Ni-Bi clip.

Very good job - all the way around!

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May 21, 2007

One of the best movies of all time

Just gotta post this.  One of the best movies of ALL TIME! 

John Carpenter's THEY LIVE!  Fucking awesome!  Greatest fight scene and movie line ever!



Buy the DVD -  This movie is a classic!

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Day 40 - Tasha's Video Inspirations

Many of Tasha's clips already have music videos.  So, in a change of pace today's Tasha and Dishka's clip day is going to be dedicated to the artists that inspired the girls musically.

First - Stupid Girls by Garbage:

Prodigy - Smack my Bitch Up

יזהר כהן - אה בה ני בי

There is a Wikipedia article on this song:

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Tasha and Dishka's Evolution

Many of us are interested in Tasha's videos because each clip shows growth and evolution as a film maker.  From they Hey Clip to her newest clips Tasha has clearly grown as a director, editor and producer.  So - whats next.  Most of us probably know that Tasha, Dishka and Dino are going to film school where their knoweldge will be profoundly influenced by their peers, instructors and exposure to new ideas.    This is going to be a terrific time of evolution for them! 

In the meantime - what can they do now to expand their horizons cinematically?  Well, there are two directions I can see.  Animation (this includes interacting with animation).  Either making an entire clip of animation or more importantly having a partial animation in the clip. 

The next idea I had was incorporating a long shot into clips.  Here is an explantion of long shots:

In a director’s cinematic bag of tricks the long tracking shot is the boldest way of making a statement. It’s the flashiest and most attention-grabbing egotistical way of flexing one’s muscle. In most cases it's a narcissistic maneuver, “look-at-me” filming technique, but rare ones, the best ones, serve to reflect and further the story in a way that can’t be reflected with traditional editing.

Here are some samples of the long shot:

Another great one was in the very first clip on the pilot episode of the West Wing.  It was a terrfic shot of the Chief of Staff entereing the White House and walking down the hall and through various offices in one single Take!  It gives a depth of perspective that one simply does not have!  Too bad the clip is not on youtube - It used to be!

These two choices are difficult and can be very creative and I am sure that Tasha can master each of these options.

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May 20, 2007

Sderot Bombing - TAPED

LGF - one of the best blogs on the Net - found this and posted it. 

Watch right after the car passes....FUCKING Scary...can you imagine this going on for years!  How would we take it if this happened here in the US?

It is in Hebrew

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Day 41 - A Happy Clip

YAY, school work is done...finals are getting turned in as I its time for me to throw up another Tasha clip..this time we want something happy!  Something cheerful..something almost celebratory!   For it is a good day!  A Day for celebration as some of my students are going to graduate! 

I know I usually try to put some insight into Tasha and Dishka day...but mind has been elsewhere. 

Anyway, I think my students would enjoy this clip.  Congratulations everyone!  I wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

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Today is the Yahtzeit of a hero!

Today In Jewish History 3 Sivan

Yahrtzeit of David "Mickey" Marcus (1902-194 , an American Jew who volunteered to fight for the Israeli army in the 1948 War of Independence. Marcus was a tough Brooklyn street kid who attended West Point and then law school. In World War II, Marcus rose to the rank of Colonel in the U.S. Army, where he helped draw up surrender terms for Italy and Germany. While serving in the occupation government in Berlin, he was responsible for clearing out the Nazi death camps, and then as chief of the War Crimes Division, where he helped arrange the Nuremberg trials. Seeing the Jewish suffering first-hand, Marcus became a committed Zionist, and in 1947 he volunteered to help secure the Jewish settlements which were under attack from hostile Arabs. Marcus designed a command structure for Israel's new army and wrote manuals to train it. His most famous achievement was ordering the construction of the "Burma Road," a winding mountainous path which allowed Jewish convoys to reach Jerusalem and relieve the Arab siege. Tragically, on the day that the war's cease-fire took effect, Marcus was mistakenly shot by a Jewish guard. His story became the subject of a movie, Cast a Giant Shadow, starring Kirk Douglas, John Wayne, Frank Sinatra and Yul Brynner. more...

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May 19, 2007

My calming affect

Being able to spend time with my sister and her family, enjoying a beer and a BBQ and watching a good movie with them.

An even better time - being able to say good bye and go to my home.

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Day 42 - Tasha's serious side

These videos don't get allot of views because they are not what the public tends to get into.  Yet, they are artistically superior, IMHO.  They also are revealing about what the director/editor/creator is thinking about, ponders about and the thought process.  It has been my experience that clips like this (speaking more broader than the clips on youtube but in a more macro point of view) are more difficult in trying to put down to film.  My experience in this was school based as well, I actually played a drug dealer in a psychology class in High School who is trying to convince (as easy as it was) to sell drugs and reasons high school kids take drugs.  This was filmed and I only hope that my psychology teacher burned the film once we graduated (or he retired) LOL.   While I was first exposed to Tasha back in late January in Tasha & Music - it was clearly this clip that showed the true extent of her talent and gift.  This is one of Her best clips! 

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Oh bittersweet day

I was trying to recover a picture on my desktop of my two cats (Cornelius and Luna) because Luna is not around anymore since she was murdered when my apartment was broken into last year.  My previous computer was stolen at the time so I didnt think I had any photos of her anymore.  I did a search on  my email just to be sure that was the only photo I had and lo and behold, I found three!  It was a very bittersweet feeling.  I am truly glad that I found the pics of her....and just was very sad that I don't have her aound she was just too young to die (barely a year old). 

That is her.   She was the sweetest kitten...I remember getting her when she was about 2 months old...holding her in the palm of my hand...a little squeek of a meow.  She would climb up my pants when I would get home from work and would not stop until she was able to lay down on my chest to hear my heart beat...Kathy, my former co-worker who gave her to me, said that was because she was weaned from her mother a bit to soon and felt insecure.  I wish I had all of my pics, but at least I have a few of them and I am glad for that. 

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May 18, 2007

Day 43 - Something Funny and uplifting

With everything that has gone on in the past couple of days, and will likely go one in the days to come....I think we need something uplifting.  So, what is the best way to accomplish something like that.....some great clips from Tasha and Dishka of course.

ELO and Jimi are both G-ds...just like Clapton   (musically speaking of course)

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