September 30, 2007

WOW another chatroom party!

Happened this evening!   What a spectacular way to end the weekend!  And this time I didn't feel like I was dominating the conversation WHOO! LOL (mainly because I was multi-tasking).

Let's see - the participants were:  Tasha, Yair, Chris, Shawn, Dan, and myself.  Wow we really need to get a bigger chatroom because once the conversation speeds can easily loose your place.

And we got a new clip posted which will be put on here tomorrow!  But wow..I just saw it...on the stream (Thanks Dan) It's cool very cool....what can I's awesomely cool!

Let's was Shawn's first time talking to Tasha! LOL and boy could we tell! LOL - Hope you enjoyed the experience just like we have!   Yair was very funny and we told the them about our joke on PSI LOL!   And well other stuff went on...too..talking about Adobe software and such...hehe...movies and just shooting the was all great! 

I can't wait until next time..and hopefully I wont be stuck doing school work in between chatting

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Are you ready for some Football!!!

OH YEAH!!! Dallas still undefeated..routed St. Louis...35-7!!!!!! 

The headline on is Romo and Dallas pound the winless Rams.....and yep that is pretty damned accurate!   WHOOOO!!!!

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September 29, 2007

South Park funnies

Getting Gay with Kids

Cartman's Gay

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David Lee Roth Videos

So, here I am chatting with Shawn and Dan...and watching Metal Mania on VHI Classic...and they are playing some clips from Van Halen, DLR and it has put me in the mood for some DLR (David Lee Roth) Clips.   enjoy!

Yankee Rose

Just a Giggalo

Going Crazy

Just like Paradise

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Wow no one has been online at all today!  Hope everyone is having a great time!

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Band of Brothers is on

On the History's definitely one of the best series EVER..  It's about a paratrooper company during WWII.  You basically follow their steps from boot camp to the end of WWII.   Simply awesome!

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September 28, 2007

State Department blog Question of the Day!

At Wizbang - I just found out the US State Department runs a weblog!

Here is their question:

Question of the Week: Who Should be Allowed To Possess Nuclear Technology?
Permalink | Posted By: Frederick Jones on Sep 27, 2007 - 01:31 PM

In 1968, the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) was created to prevent the further proliferation of nuclear weapons, as well as promote the peaceful use of nuclear energy and express the intention of NPT signatories to achieve disarmament. Nonetheless, questions exist as to why the international community approves of some nations possessing nuclear materials and not others.

"What should determine who should be allowed to possess nuclear technology and who should not?"

Here is my response:

I think most stable republics and democracies could qualify to have Nukes.  As they would not use them.  It's dictatorships/totalitarian and religious fundamental states that have little or no respect for life that need to be prevented from having nukes. 

I have no problem with the US, UK, France (barely), or Israel having Nukes.  I do have concern about Russia, China and both Pakistan/India having nukes. 

I believe that if the Middle Eastern countries who have no problem chanting death to America and Death to Israel need to be stopped - ABSOLUTELY stopped from developing Nukes.  If that means military action needs to be taken - so be it.  Better to resolve the issue now than to let appeasement run its course.  Because we all should know appeasement does not work!


Seriously I cannot believe some of the responses on that blog.  I must question some of the intelligence of some they actually think?  Have critical thinking skills?  or for that matter a BRAIN?  Geez!

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DRUGS and alcohol

Queue the police music! LOL

Chris and I were talking about this last night.  I might talk about wine and such...but it is really excessive of me if I end up drinking more than 4 times a year.  There is one day - every year...that I know I will end up buying alcohol.  SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!  Usually I will go to my sisters and crash at her place because she would make a HUGE margarita...we are talking about a 64 ounce margarita! LOL Beyond that, its very rare for me to actually drink. 

I talked about going to the nice wine store in Avondale a few times - I haven't actually be back there - though I do want to go.  That place was awesome!

I do not smoke - I think in my entire life I have smoked less than 10 cigarettes.  However, I do like an occasional cigar.  Maybe 1 every three months. LOL  Actually since I moved into my house in December I have had only 1 cigar.  So, ok I am a rare very rare smoker LOL  When I go to Israel - if they have Cuban Cigars - yeah I will buy some!

I was the only one in my family who did not smoke.  My mom, dad and sister did.  My sister started smoking when she was 9 years old - she finally quit smoking this year! I am really happy that she has done that.  When I was  younger I would be asked to run to the liquor store specifically to buy cigs for  my family and I would annoy the crap out of them because I wouldn't go.  My  reason was that I would not buy something that would damage them..or contribute to killing them.  Even when I lived with my sister, I rarely bought her cigs.  She knew better than to ask me most of the time. hehe

Other drugs - I do not indulge.  I tried pot three times in my life - one of those was the Chronic - each time...I would get anxiety attacks.   It sucked..totally sucked.  My sister kept telling me either I took too much or my chemistry just flat out did not like it. 

But I do have to say watching people who are stoned is some real comedy.  Just like watching people who are drunk....though that can become almost pitiful as well.

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Interesting observation - Tasha related

This is a post I have been working on for a while now.  I have had writers block a few times so bear with me. - and I think this might not even be the final draft but I want to put it out there as a conversation sparker.

About 2 months ago Chris started noticing an interesting observation - especially in the chatroom.  The way he described it was really intriguing in that he felt newbies and new Tasha and Dishka fans seemed to be somewhat respectful to us regulars in the chatroom.  At first I did not notice the trend, however since our initial discussion about this I have begun to notice the same thing.  I seem to recall even Dan noticing that too.

It's kinda amusing - hanging out in the chatroom and a newbie would come in and immediately assume that Tasha or Dishka were automatically there.   We would generally correct them...or what would be funnier is that they would think one of us would be one of the girls!   (As if they couldn't tell Robert was my real name! LOL)  That aside - it is almost always a good experience encountering someone new who has just discovered the girls videos.  They ask lots of questions like who are the girls, where are they from - things like that. The new visitors begin to realize two things - 1 we have some knowledge and answer some of their questions - including how to navigate Heep! LOL  And that we are generally in the chatroom.   Some of the newbies are totally cool, a few are bad.  But, all in all, we maintain the chatroom and in the end I think Chris's observation is right. 

It is just sort of funny that some of the deference that we get is partially because people assume we have the ear of Tasha.

What do you guys think?

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Ugh Doctors

I loathe doctors....But I guess I have to go.  At least I get a half day off of work...and since I have been here since 5 am...and its Happy Friday...I should look forward to this!

I already know what this is about...I am anemic.  But hey as long as the doctors stop harassing me its all good!  

The only bummer part of today is that I have to pay my mortgage....that sucks! 

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September 27, 2007

Business Week update

Oops I forgot to post this last wee - but this one is up!  From Wizbang!

Business News Update

In addition to the UAW caving in and agreeing to that pro-management contract with GM there have been a veritable plethora of important business news items this week:

Goin' Nuclear

NRG Energy became the first power producer to submit formal plans for construction of a nuclear reactor since the dog days of the Carter/Three Mile Island malaise.

Three key items are responsible for this development: (1) high natural gas prices, (2) the landmark 2005 Energy Policy Act, (3) high regulatory costs associated with increasing capacity of existing fossil fuel plants. NRG's proposed nuclear plant is to be located in Bay City, Texas.

Presumably the lunatic left will engage in vicious litigation. But the courts in Texas are very conservative. So too is the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. The latter of which would decide potential liberal-bot claims against the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. In other words if the far left unleashes its lawsuit machine it's quite unlikely to find a sympathetic tribunal. In the event this issue went all the way up to the SCOTUS we'd be looking at a 5-4 decision against the Moonbats. Provided, of course, non-voting conservatives don't throw away the High Court when they stay home in droves next November.

Following in the wake of NRG's proposal will be nuclear power entreaties by Duke Energy and Dominion Resources.


Homebuilder Lennar posted a huge loss for Q3.

Back in early-2003 you could have purchased Lennar for under $30 a share (split adjusted). That's when the Lithium brigades were depressed about homebuilders and about the economy at large. Then in mid-2005 Lennar peaked at over $60 per share. That's when the Lithium brigades were happy about the housing markets and the economy, in general, and about homebuilders, in particular. Yesterday, however, Lennar closed at $21.80. The Wall Street Journal/CNBC drones again are depressed about the housing markets and about the economy too.

$25 - 2003 - financial media bearish
$60 - 2005 - financial media bullish
$21 - 2007 - financial media bearish

Moral of the story:

Being a media/market Lemming is no way to achieve financial independence.


President Bush soon will be getting another veto opportunity (go figure), as the Media/Democrat House of Representatives passed a pork spending/tax hike health care bill. Even the liberal airheads at the Associated Press have figured out there are not nearly enough votes to override the upcoming veto. So, in many respects this is much ado about nothing, although it does illustrate one of the ghastly measures for which many conservatives will be giving their tacit approval next year, when they "send their messages."

The roll call in the House broke down along the following party lines:

220 / 228 (96%) - Democrats in favor of more health spending
45 / 196 (23%) - Republicans in favor of more health spending

8 / 228 (4%) - Democrats opposed to more health spending
151 / 196 (77%) - Republicans opposed to more health spending


Courtesy of USA Today:

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has expanded a Web-based system that allows employers to verify the legal status of new hires. About 23,000 employers are enrolled in E-Verify, USCIS Director Emilio Gonzalez said Tuesday.

The new tool allows employers to compare the photo on an applicant's green card or Employment Authorization Document against the photo in the agency's database. The plan is to expand the system to compare photos from other legal documents, such as driver's licenses and passports.

Some states require employers to use E-Verify.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is among critics who say the system has inaccuracies and rejects some applicants who are legally authorized to work in the USA.


Vonage had a worse week than Michael Vick.

A jury found the company infringed patents held by Sprint. An appeals court affirmed a prior courtroom defeat at the hands of Verizon. Its share price sunk below $1.00 (earlier this year it debuted at $17).

Guns + Butter

The Defense Department announced it wants a grand total of $190 billion in FY 2008 for Iraq and Afghanistan. Shares of defense contractors shot up.

Oil Money

Chevron announced it plans to buy back $15 billion of its own stock.

Oracle of Omaha

The word on The Street is that Warren Buffett is eyeing former icon Bear Stearns. Which makes sense. Buffett buys when others are selling. Buffett ignores the financial media and goes against the grain. Buffett didn't become the greatest stock investor of all time by accident.

Money + Politics

Eight of the 10 most expensive cities in the nation -- measured by average home sale prices -- are located in the Democrat-stronghold of California. Six of those eight are located in counties that vote overwhelmingly for Democrats. The other two cities in the top-10 are Greenwich, CT and Boston, Mass.

On the other hand, three of the 10 cities across the country with the lowest average home sale prices are located in the Republican stronghold of Texas. Two of those 10 are located in Kansas. The remainder of the top-10 least expensive cities are located, respectively, in: North Dakota, Indiana, Oklahoma, suburban Ohio, and suburban Michigan.

Which begs the following question:

Why do extremely-wealthy people vote for Democrats, whereas working class people not on government assistance vote for Republicans?

Oh, right, my bad, never mind. Back over to you, Katie Couric.

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September 26, 2007

College update!

Man this is going to be a great time!  I have just been offered ANOTHER class in December!  That makes 4!

5 I am doing currently
1 ending this week
2 starting next week
4 in December!!!!


I might get a couple of days in London the way this is going!

And I will have my tickets by the end of this month! WHOOO!!!!!!

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Things to do....

Well..I know I have things to do today...but I feel like no matter what I start, it wont get completed...and so I don't want to start anything!  That kinda sucks...I don't usually have those thoughts...but today I do.  I don't even know what I want to blog about today....Sure there are lots of Hitler Jr's visit to Columbia University...or that we sent 165 Jihad to get their 72 Virgins/Raisins in Afghanistan....but nothing seems really that interesting.  I guess I just feel sort of bored and listless.

Though my sister did send me some of her pics from Disney...she also posted them on her myspace.   Pretty cool.

Here are the pics - Disney!  - Oops Dan just told me its set to private...well have to see about another way of ripping them.

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September 25, 2007

NEW CLIP on Heep!!! - How To . . .

Click here to enjoy the goodness!

YAY we have a new clip...and its a how to type of clip...where Dishka is basically narrating how to build ..... something LOL.  Ok ok...I honestly have no idea..what they were first I thought it was like a secret when your kids and you build a fort in the back yard...but I am probably so wrong! LOL  But it was cute...and its great to see Dishka back!

My only constructive criticism was that when the girls were making things for their "safe zone" the camera movements got a bit jerky...but beyond that it was a very cool clip... It was funny watching Dishka boss Tasha round in how to make the decorations..LOL  And then we got to see Dishka's pets.....glad to see the kitty survived Tasha's stalking from the last clip!

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September 24, 2007

War "Documentary"

I had really high hopes for that documentary.  I missed most of last nights - due to grading finals but I saw tonite's.  I know last night's episode spent almost 40 minutes discussion the damned Japanese Internment Camps (yes it was a travesty, but lets not go overboard there were FAR worse tragadies during WWII).  And again tonite they were talking agian about the Japanese Internment camps.  The Damned Liberal PC police must find a way to blame America for all the problems in the fucking world!  Yes it pisses me off.  Ken Burns was a great documentarian.  The Civil war is a Classic and I do not think it can be improved upon..but this one on WWII - the Greatest Generation...he screwed the pooch this time.  Can we please get a proper view of WWII and how it influenced all segements of our society.  Even Disney was out there making patriotic films to support the war effort! 

Dont belive me?  Watch this - from LGF

WWII Disney Short: Reason vs. Emotion

Mon, Sep 24, 2007 at 8:21:15 pm PST

In World War II, America knew how to create effective propaganda.

These days ... not so much. In fact, not at all. The only propaganda coming out of Hollywood these days is on the enemy’s side.

(Video player requires Flash Player.)

There is no one in Hollywood today who has the balls to do this type of support anymore.  Sometimes I really fear for Western Civilization!

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Monday night Tunes - Everclear Edition

Getting ready to crash on Monday night.....lets listen to some good tunes!  I used to REALLY like this band...back in the Mid 90's - most of these songs are from their album - So much for the AfterGlow...a great CD!    Hope you enjoy!

Everclear - Everything to Everyone

I used to call this the Donkey Kong Song because they used some sample from early video games.

Everclear- Father of Mine

Everclear - Santa Monica

Everclear - I will buy you a new life

Everclear - AM Radio

I wonder how many of you "kids" even know what AM Radio is! LOL

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I am supposed to start two new classes this week - one is ending....and on email..I just been asked to start 3 more in December!!! WHOOOO!!!! HAPPY DAY....this weekend's just carrying over!!! And Probably in the next two weeks I will be buying my plane tickets for Israel!!! WOW...too cool...way too cool!!!

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FROM CHRIS -Microsoft may buy Facebook for 10 BILLION DOLLARS

just came accross my desk.. Microsoft would pay 10 billion to the facebook owners...WOW....DAMN... we are all pretty smart and tech savy....why can't we think of these things?? youtube or facebook...not that complicated .. a social network....come on guys...let's come up with the next big thing!!!!! and get paid 10 billion's enough...we can split it...

who knows more about successful social networking on the internet then our group of friends???????..... damn...tired of these other dudes making all this

Lital, Dan...use your superpowers if you have to..hehe

submit your suggestions!!!


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September 23, 2007

What a weekend!!!

Between the package in the mail and conversations with Tasha, and a new clip!...being free of watching my niece and nephew and the commute to Gilbert...and now finishing grading my last class here...and now Dallas winning!  What a weekend!  It just does not get better than this!

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It's Sunday Night....and you know what that means . .

Old School Videos!

As I am here grading finals..listening to the Old school show streaming I am going to throw up some videos!

Pete Rock and CL Smooth- They Reminisce over you (T.R.O.Y)

Warren G - This DJ

Beastie Boys - New Style

This is their best track on License to Ill!!

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