February 28, 2009

It's done

Now I can refocus back on the aliyah!

No lawsuit.  Thank G-d! 

YAY ME!   Now back to my goal of moving to Israel!   WHOOOOO!!!

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February 26, 2009


2 more classes!!! YAY ME!!!

3 ending this week 2 starting this week.....1 starting the following week and one starting the week after that...YEAH!!! EXCELLENT!!!!

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February 25, 2009

Bond, James Bond

Ok, this sucks....I am getting absolutely addicted to The Bond flicks..specifically Connery's Bond!  I actually now have a greater appreciation for George Lazenby's portrayal of Bond as well in OHMSS (On Her Majesty's Secret Service). 

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February 24, 2009

Be happy Laurie

At this point I am postponing the aliyah.  Because I am going to fight NR.  We have a legal situation that just is not going to go away!  Be happy...I will be staying for a while longer at least until this matter is resolved!

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February 23, 2009

Dow Jones Keeps dropping and dropping

How low can it go?  It is at 7166 now!  JESUS CHRIST....I know I predicted 7000 but seriously I did not fully expect it to get there!  Wow....what an awful downhill ski slope the dow is taking!

Since the Messiah took office the dow has lost 25% of its value.

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Unity government in Israel?


Bibi, say it's not so!  Israel voted to the RIGHT.  If you are going to make a coalition, it better be right based and not a unity government.  Livni will continue to sell out Israel and NOW is not the time to undercut Israel's security as the US has all but abandoned HER under the Obama administration.  Israel must fight for its survival.  PERIOD END OF STORY. 

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Aliyah postponed?

Due to a lawsuit?  Well.....that seems likely.  How unfortunate!  But, I will get to Israel.  I just have to defend my rights first - AGAIN.  It's ironic that I have been accused of playing games and not taking things seriously but then I am the one consulting lawyers.  I have bent over backwards to try to resolve the issue peacefully.  Yet, I am the one not taken seriously.  This will get resolved, one way or another.  I hope peacefully; because then I can fulfill my goal of moving to Israel and enjoying my life.  Instead of wasting years, potentially years, in a prolonged legal battle where an organization I helped build up will be demolished - it not critically injured.  NR has had no problem pushing around its members (Lucius Equitius - Mr. Cope) and its own founder Marcus Cassius (Mr. Bradford) and now it is time for the citizens who have been pushed (me) to begin pushing back on the abuses of the organization.  And, my first attempt to resolve this has been about as peaceful as it can be - a simple admission of fault and immediate full reinstatement.  Tomorrow is the deadline.  Tomorrow I will know.  Tomorrow is the day of days.

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February 20, 2009

Stock Market woes

7366 - that is where the Dow Jones is right now.  A week ago, I thought it would have bottomed out somewhere around 7000.  Now that it is nearly there - I have serious doubts that 7000 is the bottom....as scary as that sounds.  When will the market bottom out?  6000?  5000?  At what point will that threshold be reached.  It is becoming more apparent that the more government intervention there is....the more the market tanks.  Maybe at some point those powers that be might actually let the market take steps to correct itself? 

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It's Likud!!!

From Israpundit:

After the failure of his last-ditch effort to muster Kadima leader Tzipi Livni’s support for a unity government on Friday, President Shimon Peres formally entrusted Likud chairman Binyamin Netanyahu with the task of building a coalition.

Netanyahu arrived as Beit Hanassi on Friday afternoon and received the president’s official letter of appointment.

Earlier, after emerging from a meeting with Peres, Livni announced that she had no intention of joining a broad coalition under Netanyahu, despite the Likud chairman’s assertion that he was willing to “go to great lengths” in order to induce Kadima to join his government.

My response: YAY!!!!!  Out of the possible choices he is the best of the lot.  I still have a soft spot for Sharon, despite Gaza's evacuation, but he is in a coma still.  Netanyahu will be able to form a pretty stable coalition and more importantly he will stand up to Obama!  This is excellent news!

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February 17, 2009

California's BROKE

Not really surprising, but California is hugely in debt.  It is basically a sanctuary state for illegal aliens.

From Gabe @ Ace of Spades:

You're Terminated; Schwarzenegger Gives Up on Cal. Legislature

With no end in sight to the budget impasse, Governor Schwarzenegger has announced that layoff notices will be put in the mail today for the first group of up to 10,000 state employees to be laid off. He has also suspended the last 275 state-funded public works projects still in operation since he has no way to pay for them.

Schwarzenegger had delayed sending out pink slips since Friday, hoping that lawmakers would soon approve a budget. But they failed Monday to find a third GOP vote in the state Senate to achieve the two-thirds majority needed to pass a budget -- a requirement that essentially gives the minority Republicans veto power. A spokesman for Schwarzenegger said layoff notices would go out today.

Late Monday evening, both houses of the Legislature adjourned and Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) ordered senators back to the chamber at 10 a.m. today, saying they would stay until a budget passed.

"Bring a toothbrush," he said. "I will not allow anyone to go home to resume their lives or any kind of normal business."

In the words of one of the commentators at Ace's (LL Cool J) I guess I am not going back to Cali.

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February 16, 2009

Aliyah update again

I think, I THINK I found a way!!!! To prove my Jewishness!

This should finally work, I hope!

Since my grandmother is going to be buried next to my grandfather (morbid I know).  The Jewish Agency just stated I need to get something relating to that...and some documentation that only Jews are buried there!  This is going to be my next agenda. 

I have to say this is rather difficult to me, for a few reasons.  But, if I want to do this...and I do....I will do my best to make sure that my ancestry is established enough through my mother and her line to prove to the Jewish Agency that I am sufficiently Jewish. 

I just miss being in Israel - still....every day. 

Anyway, that is what I am going to work on for the week. 

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Evil in color

Very scary.  Very sobering.

From Dave @ Israellycool

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Unity Government in Israel??

Frankly, it's not my ideal choice but I think it COULD work out well. A coalition with Likud on top joined with Kadima could be very stable.  It's sort of hard to predict how these things are going to work out and honestly I have NO clue how the vote sharing concept works in Israeli elections.  But, if Likud is the top position overall I will be pleased.  I am looking for a strong Prime Minister who will be able to stand up to Obama and his attempts to cater to the Arabs at the expense of the Israeli state and sovereignty.

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It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Oh yes...yes it is.

It is President's day (I prefer Lincoln's B-day still)....and I have to work but it is an easy day at work!

I watched my nephew over the weekend....it was pretty cool.  Sometimes it's good to have someone in the house, besides me.   And he had fun playing on the computer.

I watched Waltz with Bashir again, this was a movie recommended by Lital and it is AWESOME!!!!! Freaking cool movie - and now I highly recommend it.  Excellent story and the graphics are just amazing (yes it is animated).  It is a deeply psychological story of the affects of war set in a backdrop of the Invasion of Lebanon in 1982.

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February 11, 2009

Obama wants Livni!

Israel Matzav has the report and I can say I am NOT SHOCKED at all.  Livni is a failure in just about every position she has had in the Israeli government.  Hell she stuck Israel with UN Resolution 1701 which has all but allowed Hezbullah to rearm - assuring a new war in Lebanon sometime in the future.  Livni is someone he can bully around and circumvent.  That cannot be said of Bibi.

Here is the scoop: 

US officials are publicly taking a wait-and-see approach to the formation of a new Israeli government, but privately many have expressed concern that Likud leader Binyamin Netanyahu might preside over a right-wing coalition.

"There would be great unease" at the prospect of such a government, said one Capitol Hill source.

He predicted that a governing coalition of parties from the Right could embolden the left flank of the Democratic party and turn up pressure, particularly in the US Congress, to pass measures that made clear demands on Israel.

Still, many political analysts say there's no doubt the Obama administration would prefer to see a national-unity government headed by Livni.

"The impression in Israel is that the Obama administration has already made its preference known and that its preference is for Kadima - and that impression isn't going anywhere," said Georgetown University professor and Israel expert Michael Oren.

This is why Israel is on its own with the Obama administration.  Israel needs to act in its best way it can and IMHO that would be under a right wing coalition under Benjamin Netanyahu.   The Democrats would sell out Israel in a heartbeat and that will happen regardless if Livni was in power or Bibi - but with Bibi - he will fight.  Livni will give up everything in the vain hope of securing US support that simply will not be reliable or in Obama's interest to cater too.

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Update on Israeli Elections

With some absentee ballots still needing to be counted (mainly military ballots - which are likely to go to Likud) it seems that we have a near tie between Kadima and Likud.  Chances are still quite strong that Likud might get to form the next government with Bibi as Prime Minister!!!  The question hovers around Liberman and his party (Israel Beitenu) party.  Chances are he will be the next defense minister.  If Livni does get first crack at forming a coalition Israel will probably have a month or so of limbo while in all reality she will not be successful given that the majority of the seats in the Kenneset when to right wing parties and Kadima is viewed as a center-left party - hence the reason why Labor tanked was that many of those votes went to Kadima.  The question at this point is who will Peres get to pick to form the coalition first - Livni or Bibi.  I HOPE...I hope it's Bibi as I think he could do it rather quickly and I believe that his government will be a thorn in the side of Obama - and justly so!  Bibi will simply not be pushed around like he was during the Clinton administration (Wye Accords) and after the wars in Lebanon and Gaza the last thing Israel needs to do is to let up in fighting terrorism - instead they need to continue to carry the fight with renewed vigor and a clear plan.  AND SCHALIT NEEDS TO BE RELEASED.  Something Kadima has consistently failed to do.

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February 10, 2009


Yes it is time for some music!

Chris Lake - Carry me away

Jes - Imagination

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Brother can you spare a dime??

That was a saying made famous in the Great Depression.  Now the revised saying is Brother can you spare a Trillion.  That seems to be what is happening now with the stock market.  Today, our new Secretary of the Treasury disclosed our new bailout and stocks tanked.  I wonder if it could be because we have a guy running our country's fiances and he couldn't even file his taxes correctly (blaming Turbo Tax).

I wish I had confidence but I simply do not have confidence that our government is going to do anything right.  Much like FDR extended the great depression Obama is going to THROW us into a depression.  Ace has some great posts highlighting the leadership of FDR vs Obama and another post about the stimulus that has made our stocks tank to under 7900

Hope and Change...well I wish Bush was back in office!

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Exit Polls

I can't believe it....Kadima wins!  WTF is going on here!!!

An ineffectual war in Lebanon and Gaza both led by Kadima and Schalit still imprisoned and they fucking still pull it out?

The exit polls are Kadima 30 seats Likud 28 Yisrael Beiteinu 16 and Labor 14.  This means Livni has the first crack at forming a coalition government.  Wow, just wow....I had hoped Likud would have won...but it was not to be.

Here is Ynet's review of exit polling.

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Live blogging the Israeli election

Over here at Israellycool

Click to join!

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