February 10, 2009

It's election time!

In Israel.  Most of the major Israeli blogs are liveblogging the election.  Very interesting times.

If you can vote in the Israeli election - go and vote!!!

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February 09, 2009

Israeli Elections

Are tomorrow!!!

It's pretty clear that Likud will win.  The big question is how big of a mandate will they have.  I have sort of been taking a crash course in Israeli politics.  It is not like the US, in that there are two major parties...in Israel the game is played by forming a coalition of various parties and through the coalition a government can stay in power.  If Likud wins 30 seats or more (out of 120 seats) it stands in a solid coalition and will have a secure enough mandate to keep Bibi in as Prime Minister for a decent time and they will control the ship of state and able to negotiate from a position of strength to the other parties to form a coalition of a minimum of 61 seats of the Kennest.  HOWEVER, the recent polls show Likud getting about 26-28 seats.  This is not good for Likud!  This means potentially Likud will be negotiating from a position of weakness, if Peres even offers Bibi a chance to form a government at all.  It seems the President (Peres) could even bypass Bibi and give the second place (Livni - most likely) a crack at forming a coalition. 

A Livni government would be, imho, as bad of a government as it currently exists in Israel under the Olert-Livni-Barak leadership. 

Most of the Israeli blogs I read have already endorsed Likud or are leaning in that direction.  I think its clear from even most of the polls that Likud will come in first place.  The question is what type of mandate will it have?  Tomorrow we shall find out. 

If you are an Israeli citizen and are able to vote - PLEASE VOTE!  I don't think its a stretch to say that the future of Israel depends on it.

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Haveil Havalim is UP

Esser Agoroth has this week’s HH, including a lot of information about the Israeli elections, and various endorsements.

Take a look.

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February 05, 2009

Tasha Clip

This one has a history to it...back when we used to hang out in the chatroom...I said this one of my fav clips and took some ribbing from the guys because of it...because all it is is Lital reading from Genesis.  Which, is just perfect!  Anyway, here is the clip..finally uploaded to youtube (thanks Steve!!!)

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Pics of Tasha!

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Israeli Election

Can it be that Israel might have a very very conservative government?  Likud - which in very simple terms is = to the US Republican party....somewhat conservative but really more right/center.  However there seems to be a newcomer to the show that might just make a very powerful showing in Israeli politics (Israel Beitenu).  This would be a very right oriented party that is almost hawkish in terms of defense issues.  They are polling about 20 seats so far Likud has about 30 seats and falling.  It could very well mean that Israel Beitenu might make a strong enough showing to develop a coalition and have the next Prime Minister - one who will stand up to Obama.  Interesting that Israel is trending right!!!!

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February 04, 2009

Getting ready for Tu'BShevat

With Tasha and Dishka

HEY Steve - where is the clip of Tasha reading!!!  I dont see it.

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February 03, 2009

For the record

I am doing better.  The worst of the panic attacks has passed.  And I am past the point, I believe, where I am second guessing myself into thinking is this the beginning of another anxiety attack.  So, this is good.

Anyway, right now things are fine.

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February 02, 2009

Anxiety Attacks

What makes this entire episode self-fulfilling - for those that really don't know me is that....I am my mother's son and my sister's brother.  Anxiety runs in our family.  It manifests itself in ways like not being able to fall asleep at night...to full blown panic attacks (which is what I have been experiencing of late).  My sister has been giving me a lot of good advice and soon I hope to be taking most of her recommendations into action.

There is just alot going on and I dont think its going to be changing anytime soon and for the time being the best that can be done is to cope or just take it day as day.  I know, I know things are not as rough as my mind convinces myself.  I know this.  But, I am the type of person to wonder when will the other shoe drop.  I am a planner - this is what I always do. 

Anyway, I am going to crash now. 

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My weekend

Started very oddly....Thursday evening around 11 pm I woke up from sleep.  My arm was numb and I couldn't get comfortable and I kept hearing my heart beat and beat and beat.  I tried to will myself calm with no effect so around midnight I called my sister who was immediately concerned.  I began to panic myself and before I knew it I called 911 - thinking I could be having a heart attack or something.  Within 15 min 911 was here - I was already downstairs, door unlocked and some lights on in preparation for them.  They examined me and found my blood pressure was highly elevated and that really concerned them.  My oxygen level was good...my pulse was rapid.  They reassured me I was not having a heart attack - they saw me walking around and turning on more lights.  They said if I was having a heart attack that would NOT be happening.  They stayed for about 15 min to make sure my bp was going down - it did.  They said if anything changes to call them back.  So I called my sister - let her know...and I took a xanax and just rested on my couch - watch some TV and my legs felt they were going numb - so I called 911 again.  This time the brought an ambulence as well.   Again my blood pressure was elevated - and I, on my own power, got into the ambulence and went to Banner Estrella.  I texted my sister, boss, and a couple of friends giving a heads up.  This was around oh.....2 am Friday morning.  my bp was fine at this point but they gave me 2 ativan to try to relax me and prior to that I was put on an EKG.  They ruled my heart was fine - no heart attack at all.  It was just hypo-anxiety is what the dr called it.   After keeping me in observation until about 5:30 am and watching me finally sleep...they then discharged me.  I got home around 6 am.  I talked to my boss (which I wouldnt remember if it wasnt for the texting) and Michelle and then fell asleep.  Basically on and off asleep is how I spent most of the weekend.  The problem is that no matter what I feel anxious and every feeling I get I wonder is this the beginning of another anxiety attack.  I haven't felt like this since the break in's about 3 years ago.  And, this sucks!  Oh to be able to relax in peace!!! 

Well this was the majority of my weekend - this and Superbowl Sunday - which was a very good game.  Congrats to the Cowboys Steelers on a well-played game!

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