May 31, 2008

From Ace: Scandi Sports

Umm...I don't know what else to think..or be shocked or impressed...Though I do wonder if alcohol is involved - I imagine it is - copious amounts of alcohol. 

Scandi Sports: The Masturbate-A-Thon

I’m not sure if this is more proof of the Scandi menace or are they simply on the cutting edge of the Ace of Spades Liefstyle?

Organizers of Denmark's first "Masturbate-a-thon," set to be held at a suburban Ishoj nightclub, say more than 60 men and women are registered to compete.

The organizers said participants will masturbate in front of the assembled crowd and will then be judged in several categories -- including farthest ejaculation and longest orgasm -- the Copenhagen Post reported Friday.

We all know that early morning posting is not Ace’s thing. It's not because he is usually sleeping off a Valu-Rite hangover or skinning a hobo. Mornings are simply his 'training' time.

Via Hot Air Headlines.

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May 30, 2008

Some Clips for a Friday night

ZZ Top - Rough boy

ZZ Top - Sleeping bag

Foreigner - Urgent

Don Henley - New York Minute

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Blog enhancement!

First thanks Steve!

He found a map that tracks visitors from what part of the world they are at.   It was simple to install it..and it works!  Very cool!

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Teaching confirmation!!!!


Just got confirmed 10 classes are set up between June 9th and August 11th! YEAH!!!!

Man that pay is sure going to be nice...and it will be fun to spend it in Israel!!!!!

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What to do - what to do!

Well this weekend is going to be interesting. 

I am trying to debate with myself about going to the movies again.  So far I have seen Iron Man twice.  Indiana Jones.

The Chronicles of Narnia look pretty does 21.  Umm..still sort of up in the air about it.

Tomorrow I am going to my sister's and since they are gone I will be going swimming!!!! YAY!!!  Then I believe I will come back home and start on my homework.

Sunday is always my work day. LOL without fail! 

Now, I do have to call back the Hotel Adiv...they still haven't sent me any confirmation!  So, I will need to deal with that.  

It seems like I have lots of little things to do...and I want to finish up my Anthony and Cleopatra book by Colleen's now starting to lead up to the battle of Actium!

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Good songs!

Alan Parson's Project - Eye in the sky

Steely Dan - Hey Nineteen

Steve Miller Band - Jet Airliner

Rolling Stones - Can't always get what you want!

Every time I hear this sends me back to the times I attended That 70s show...they always played this song as we were seating!  What a damn good song!!!!

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May 29, 2008

Teaching Update

About two weeks ago...I posted an update for my teaching.

I had 6 classes pending

2 for 6/9
2 for 6/30
2 for 7/14

That was then.  This is now:

2 for 6/9
Now 3 for 6/30 - 2 are new but one got canceled
2 for 7/14
2 for 7/28
1 for 8/11


Now, that is totally what I call COOKING!!!!   Now baring anything unforeseen everything will be paid for the vacation before I step on the Holy Land.  Hell, I might even be able to stay longer!!!! How sweet this is. 

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RIP Harvey Korman

One of the greatest comedians passed away...a great straight man...makes Leslie Nielsen seem insignificant by comparison.

RIP Harvey, may you be in Heaven making G-d laugh as much as you have down here on Earth!

Say your Pledge to Hedley Lamarr!

Best line:  Too Jewish!

Second best line:  I want rustlers, cutthroats, murders, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con-men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, hornswogglars, horse thieves, bull-dykes, train robbers, bank robbers, ass-kickers, sh**-kickers, and Methodists!

History of the World

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My sister's heartache - aka Sex and the City the Movie!

I totally know my sister is going to be depressed....but...Sex and the City the movie is getting piss poor reviews.

She loves this series...and if I recall correctly she has all the DVDs from every season...and has been waiting for this movie....

Dan Collins at Protein Wisdom quoted this execrpt:

They didn’t really know what they wanted - career or husband, baby or Balenciaga bag? - but what they didn’t want was to turn out like their mothers.

And while straight men universally hated SATC (they professed to find Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw repellent, while in reality being unable to cope with her straight-talking prickliness), women - pretty much all women - loved it.

We loved the fact that Carrie dressed for herself and not for men. We loved that the women had far more fun with each other than they did on any date, and we loved that Carrie and co made it OK to be frivolous and girly while out to get what they wanted (a diamond ring, a Fifth Avenue apartment, a best-seller, an orgasm) with the singleminded focus of a heat-seeking missile.

OUCH..that's gonna leave a mark! Dan sums up the review with one statement:  Verdict: not self-involved enough.

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Jerusalem Inn

Reservation is CONFIRMED!

Sept 12-14 @ $120.00 a day!  WHOOO!!!!!

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May 28, 2008

FINALLY!!! The end of Olmert is in sight!

It seems that Ehud Barak is actually calling for Olmert to resign.

Lots of Jewish blogs have the latest.  Yourish,

Here is the meaty part:

“The prime minister must detach himself from the daily management of the government. He can do so in a variety of ways: Suspension, vacation, resignation or leave of absence. This will not be determined by us,” Barak said.

The question is, will Barak break up the Kadima coalition?  I think chances are pretty positive that this is exactly what will happen.

The defense minister noted that “Olmert cannot deal with the challenges Israel faces, like Hamas, Hizbullah, Syria, Iran and the kidnapped soldiers, and run his personal affairs at the same time.”

He added that “the Labor Party will not hold a stopwatch in Kadima’s face, but things have to happen as soon as possible… The State deserves stability, and therefore we must have a government in the Knesset. I am not afraid of elections. The public will decide and we will win.”

So,what will happen after the inevitable fall?  Kadima should be fucking disgraced since Olmert has taken over, but there is a chance that they could still remain a force in Israeli politics.  However I hope..I HOPE that Likud wins a substantial mandate.  Bibi, without the pressure of trying to make peace, will be a much more effective Prime Minister this time around.  Since there are far too many rockets pointed at the heart of Israel.  And, fighting with two arms tied behind one's back simply is not the answer.  Israel needs to fight with its fullest force against its enemies!

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No longer missing

Thanks Steve!

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For Tasha

Yesterday was a fun day...Lital posted a funny status: 

Lital I Said:  "What what, in the butt"!

Well, anyone who reads Ace of Spades with any regularly knows this is the song from Ace's favorite Video (well that and his Ewok audition clip)!  Samwell:  What What in the butt.  So, I had to respond to Lital laughing that she is quoting a line from the gayest song ever.  (If you don't believe me here it is for your viewing ...umm....pleasure?)

Well she was referring to South Park's Parody of the clip..probably not realizing they spoofed it from this song LOL

Anyway, it was fun!

Now, I didn't give a bunk alert warning...let's face it the only one who would need a bunk alert warning would be Rosetta...and I just hope he/she has Kleenex nearby!

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Another missing Tasha clip?

The one she was dressed up and had Ray Charles now MIA! That sucks that was such a fun clip!  Does anyone have a copy of that?  I thought I did, but after a few minutes searching I can't find it!  Let me know if you do!

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Vacation Update

I just got off the phone with the Hotel Adiv, they have confirmed my reservation.  They advised me to use the Net...and they said tomorrow I will have email confirmation - beyond the verbal confirmation.  And, it looks like now I will get the Internet rate! WHOOO!!!!

And I just completed the Net booking of the Jerusalem Inn.

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May 27, 2008

Laugh in clips

Here are some good clips from Laugh in!

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RIP Dick Martin

I would hazard to guess most of you wont know who this person is. But, he brought so much laughter as the funny man part of the Rowan and Martin comedy team.  Dick Martin was a wonderful and very funny comedian and partner of Rowan and Martin's Laugh in a comedy series that was on from 1968-1972.  (Side note this is where Goldie Hawn got her start as a gogo dancer).

Back in the late 1980s when the hippie culture made a comeback Nickoldeon ran Laugh in during the evenings and my mom and I used to watch it together.  Those were fun memories...watching President Nixon say "Sock it to me?" and John Wayne on the same stage as Hugh Heffner!  Rowan and Martin were known as the only duo who could bring the "establishment" together with the hippies! 

His famous line was always at the end, Dan Rowan would tell Dick to say Good night.....he would say "Say Good Night Dick" and Dick Martin would respond, "Good night Dick."

Well good night Dick, you will be missed!

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May 26, 2008

More Clips

It's just a very musical weekend!    Fun times!

SWV - Can we get freaky

Xscape - Just Kickn' it

Xscape - Who can I run to

Zhane - Hey Mr. DJ

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Jimmy Carter - Enemy of Israel

I have seen this story on drudge and a couple of other blogs.  But, Gab @ Ace of Spades has a good review of the topic.  Not only does he disclose based on who knows what information, that Israel has 150 Nukes...but now he is saying we should give nuke technology to Iran as a show of good faith.  Keep in mind these are the same Iranaians that took hostages back when Dhimmi Carter was President back in 1979!  Fucking idiot just wants to appease enemies instead of neutralizing them.  Here is Gab's post:

Carter Gives Away Israel's Nuclear Secrets

Yesterday President Carter announced that Israel has 150 nuclear weapons. Israel has never publicly acknowledged its nuclear capabilities--including whether it even has nuclear weapons--but the former president, who has a fetish for screwing over Israel, can probably be considered a reliable source. Let's pray, for our sakes and for the sake of our allies, he knows no other national secrets.

Gateway Pundit writes, "Either Jimmy Carter is really, really stupid or he really, really hates Israel." The answer is, of course, BOTH. Carter went on to suggest that the U.S. should be providing Iran with fuel for nuclear reactors:

Speaking at the Hay Festival yesterday, Carter also suggested the US should provide nuclear power technology and fuel to Iran as a show of goodwill.

"What happens if, in three years' time, Iran has a nuclear weapon," Carter asked. "I'm not sure that is going to happen, but if it does, what do we do? They are rational people like all of us in this room. Do they want to commit suicide? I would guess not. So what we have to do is talk with them now and say to them we want to be their friends," the former US president said.

"The United States must let Iran know that we want to give them fuel and everything they need for a non-military nuclear program. Twenty-five years ago we cut off trading with Iran. We've got to resume trading to show Iran we are friends."

Except that we're not friends, President Foolish. Iran wants to stymie our foreign policy, kill our troops, and devastate our allies. Its leaders and a great majority of its populace enjoy a good stoning of a woman or a good hanging of a gay. And they like to dream about a certain genocide in particular that places them in the same company as the Slime of Humanity.

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Classic Dance

Power Station - Bang a gong

Jaya - If you leave me now

Cathy Dennis - Touch me

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