April 30, 2010

Home issues

As I mentioned previously, while I was a prisoner of the hospital my house was flooded.  Alex found it.  To say I was stressed was an understatement, as there was NOTHING I could do.  All I was able to do is to make phone calls, file claims and schedule appointments while I was in the hospital.  Jenn made the tenative contacts with the restoration company to have the carpets dried, Alex was able to get the flooding stopped, my sister helped me replace the Washer (which was the culprit). 

Since I have been home the restoration company has been here for 4 days doing work in the garage, hall way, closet and part of the stairs cleaning up and restoring the damage done to the house.  Today they finally FINISHED.  All we need now is a carpet cleaning company to come and clean the carpets and that will actually put the house in a better position than it was prior to the water leak. 

And on Monday the restoration company referred an electrician to me who will hopefully be able to set up the spa FINALLY.  I will find out Monday @ 9:30 am.

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Today I spent most of the day getting caught up on bills, finishing home repairs from when the house got flooded while I was in the hospital....and making Dr appts.

May 4th - Primary care physician appt
May 11th - appt with Surgeon - should get the OK to go back to work.

I do have to say, loosing 6-8 inches of large intestine really sucks.  I feel so damn limited at least until I get used to the new changes in my body.  On the good side everyday I am getting less winded again when I go walking.  This weekend I do plan to go out - though I flat out will not eat out - and I probably wont drink anything either while I am out of the house. 

Another good thing, I am diminishing my pain pill consumption pretty rapidly.  As I have blogged before, I have been taking Vicoden pretty regularly and about 2-3 months ago it even got upgraded from vicoden to percocet.  And, before the surgery I was taking about 6 Percocet.  Now, just a week since the second surgery I am down to taking about 4-5 Vicoden a day.  A WONDERFUL improvement.  I hope to either not take anymore pain pills by the weekend or be down to 2 a day.  YAY ME. 

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April 29, 2010


Hi everyone,

It has been a long long time.  But I have returned. 

I know some of you follow me on facebook, but for those who dont know.  I had surgery (well 2 surgeries). It has been quite an adventure for the past month.  I am home after a two week stay in the hospital and am recovering. 

Now I will be able to start updating and cleaning out the blog again.  I had not been able to really get into it because of all the pain meds I was on but with the surgery done the need for meds has diminished and hopefully (G-d willing) will end.

I hope to be back to work around May 15th.  In the meantime I am getting stronger, pain getting less and hopefully in the next week or two I will start feeling back to normal.

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