November 18, 2010

What I have learned from Srugim

Yeah I know I hardly write on here anymore.  Combination of being horrendously busy at work.  Long story and well sometimes I have writers block not knowing what I want to say or how open to be.   BE That as it may...

I am absolutely hooked on an Israeli show Srugim.  Lital helped me find some links where I was able to download it.  But, now I actually own the first season on DVD.  Yes it is on PAL but it plays on Xbox 360 and PC.  So, I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone interested! 

What I learned from the series is actually one of the most sad lessons I ever really had to come to terms with.  In that while I am Jewish, by blood, I am not Jewish in culture.  I feel very stuck in between thoroughly American but feeling empty with it and wanting to be more Jewish without really any foundation in it.  It is really hard to kinda express that lack of standing that I feel. 

I watch the show and one scene in particular struck home (though there are far too many to count).  In this scene, Hoodya is dating a non religious Jew.  They are supposed to go on a date out to eat.  Thus she can still keep Kosher.  Instead Avri decides to change the plans and cooks a dinner for her.  Uh oh.  And she is afraid to tell him that she is religious.  So, as he is serving her, he gets out the Parmasean Reggiano Cheese and starts slicing it into her spagetti.  The look on her face is priceless. Avri being both a man and non religious totally misses the red flags that her body and expression is non-verbally sending out.  So he sits down and starts eating and she is playing with her food, trying to find a part that isnt contaminated by the mixture of meat and dairy.  In the end, she takes a bite.  Barely swallows it and ends up having to run to the bathroom to throw up. 

I saw this scene and it was entirely foreign to me.  I dont keep Kosher.  Though I at least know some of the rules regarding it.  I have to say seeing this scene was entirely foreign to me.  I simply could not grasp the revulsion in violating Kosher laws to the point that it would get someone so sick that they would need to throw up.  

It's just one of the many wake up calls I had in regards to watching this wonderfully educational and entertaining show.

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