January 31, 2008

More about me

Yep, its been a long time for another one of these posts.....so lets just jump right in.

When I view myself as a kid I tend to view myself more as a loner...but on reflection that really is not true.  Sure my sister had more friends and was more social, and I was more brainy or nerdy LOL but I did a number of extracuricular activities growing up.  Every summer for about 3-4 years we attended Christian Summer Camp in the mountains - it was called camp Marinatha (sp.) I was voted happiest camper and best sportsmanship LOL.  Kinda funny now...because I do not see myself in any of those pictures or awards.  I also played little league baseball for 3 years.  I loved playing baseball.   At least until football season rolled around and then that totally devoured my time and attention (GO DALLAS).  I even recall trying for AYSO (soccer) but I hated it.   I did play a bit of football in high school (nose guard) until I got injured in my sophomore (10th grade) year.  I don' t really know why I tend to view my childhood as a lonely one, but I do, yet I know that evidence for the contrary is plan to see.  

By the time I was graduating high school I totally changed from a more sports oriented participant to a more academic mindset.  In my junior and senior year I was involved with various academic clubs and organizations - Mock Trial (this is where students act like lawyers and witness and compete with other schools in a court room setting), academic decathlon, and FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America).  They were fun times too but not like the sports.

Anyway, I think thats about it for this post.

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OH wow man....the Dance station 92.7 FM plays some flashback dance tunes during the lunch hour...here are some of their selection!

Artie the One Man Party - Es Nena Linda

Ab Logic - The Hitman

Cathy Dennis - Just another Dream

Fun Factory - Close to you

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Business News Update

Yeah it's been a while since I posted these. 

Business News Update

In today's update we've got snippets about the fiscal stimulus package circulating in Congress, the Dept. of Agriculture, Altria's foreign tobacco operations, an example of liberal media self-parody, free trade, highly-skilled workers in shipping and heavy industry, alternative energy sources, and GDP growth.

Click the below link if you'd like to read more.

GDP Growth -- 2007

The economy grew in inflation-adjusted terms in Q4. That marked the 25th consecutive quarter of real GDP growth, which equals 6.25 years.

The quarter-by-quarter rates in 2007 of inflation-adjusted GDP growth:

Q4 - 0.6%
Q3 - 4.9%
Q2 - 3.8%
Q1 - 0.6%

Certainly not stellar. But by historical standards not too shabby, especially when completing the sixth year of a growth cycle and with enormous headwinds, e.g., high energy prices.

P.S. - It's likely the growth rate for Q4 upwardly will be revised. Not that the media would report such a thing.

* * *
Wyoming Eyed for New Coal-to-Gas Power Plants

* * *
If you decide to read that article you'll have to dodge the writer's and editor's "global warming" agenda. Other than that point, however, it's worth a pretty close read. There's a lot of interesting stuff in there.

* * *
Shipyards Fight Shortages of Skilled Workers,
U.S. shipbuilders grapple with shortages of trained, experienced labor

* * *
Read the whole thing. There are half-a-dozen major and connected items, ranging from macroeconomics to labor economics to H2B visas for skilled trade workers.

* * *
Peru, Canada Sign Free Trade Agreement

* * *
Read the whole thing.

* * *
Proxy Fight Planned at New York Times

* * *
Read the whole thing. You can't even make up that sort of stuff.

What's particularly ironic is knowing the young liberal journalism students who've marched off to join the Gray Lady and her ilk -- "to change the world" -- are clueless to the fact they're working in a cutthroat industry in which they're employed by huge corporations and in which they're bought and sold -- like cattle.

* * *
Altria Gives Plans for Spinoff of Philip Morris International

* * *
Ah, yes, Altria.

Back in the halcyon daze of 1999-2000, the Lemmings on Wall St. despised Altria so much, and were selling that company with such ferocity, it simply *had* to be purchased. Its P/E ratio was bid down to the single digits. Its share price was less than the value of the company's *non* cigarette-related businesses. Sure enough, if you bought Altria in 1999-2000 and held on through Wall St.'s screaming and frothing you made out very, very, very well.

BTW, in 5-7 years, and perhaps much sooner, we'll be discussing financial companies such as Citigroup in the same glowing terms as those by which we're discussing Altria. You literally can bet on it.

* * *
Senate Confirms New Secretary of Agriculture

* * *
That's a D-minus article from the AP. The key issue -- over which that article glosses -- is that of farm subsidies.

Farm subsidies always have been a bad idea. That the government still is paying farmers public money *not* to produce food -- in a period of massive food demand and high food prices -- is absurd. Hopefully new Secretary Schafer -- a Republican former governor and businessman -- will be able to get something accomplished on that front.

* * *
Fiscal Stimulus Plan -- The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

The Good -- Tax rebates for the middle class. For reasons that are beyond obvious.

The Bad -- Expansions of the public-money mortgage loan purchase agencies, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and of FHA loans, which are insured with public money. The less of those things the better.

The Ugly -- The Senate's proposed extension of unemployment benefits. Extending someone's unemployment benefits extends their unemployment. The general public needs a good swift kick in the ass, not a reassuring pat on the back from Uncle Sam.

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YAY!!!! A new Tasha and Dishka Clip!!

This one is from one of their school productions. Tasha posted pictures of this about 3 weeks ago and now we have a clip!!!  YAY the girls are together!!! And Dino is briefly present too.  Tasha with her mouth taped up...and Tasha dancing!   YAY for that!!!!   And we get to see Tasha as the mime/Pinocchio (sp.)  It was funny when she was acting like a boy and everyone was looking at her package ROFL!!!!  Oh gotta love being a college student! hehe  Tasha looked better in make up than in the photos - how is that possible?

Anyway, ENJOY the new clip!  

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Memory Lane

These are some classic video clips..from the 80s that make me smile when I hear them.

The Boys - Dial my heart

Haircut 100 - Love Plus One

Tell me you can listen to this and not start tapping your feet

Stereo MCs- Elevate my Mind

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January 30, 2008

Winograd Report

Earlier today the Winograd Report became released to the public.  Very interesting reading as to the Second Lebanon War.  Many Israeli bloggers are live blogging this event.  Israellycool and Israel Matzav are liveblogging it as I type this.  Here are their websites so you can see what is going on.  In my gut, I hope Olmert resigns.  I hope Barak takes Labor out of the coalition and forces elections. 

Eh I am surprised Omri does not have anything on Mere Rhetoric.

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Another clip

Yep Tasha and Dishka used this song in their clips..can you guess which clip?

Tennessee Ernie Ford - 16 Tons

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January 29, 2008

Damn it - no more Guiliani!

Well today was a sucky day all the way around.  Florida did Guiliani in!   Damn it Damn it Damn it!  Between him and Fred dropping out of the race its like who else is there to fight the war on terror and be a loyal friend to Israel?  Those are my two main concerns when I vote for President. 

Arizona votes on Super Tuesday (Feb 5th).  I have my absentee ballot here...and I am probably still going to vote for Guiliani.  There is no way in hell will I vote for my Senator (McCain the Maverick)  Just can't do it.  Anyway, I hope Romney is now the nominee even though the Maverick is now the undisputed front runner.

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More Dance Clips!

Basement Jaxx - Red Alert

David Guetta - When the Lights go out

A damn good song.  Definitely a good club tune
And obligatory BUNK alert!

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Medical update

Well, I just got off the phone with the doctor.  They got my ultrasound in.  and they said I definitely have a hernia.  She is still waiting for the blood tests in and now wants a cat scan of my abdomen (which will happen on Friday).  So, I hope I can get this fixed fairly painlessly.  My trainer, yes I blame him hehehe, was like WHAT!  LOL when I told him.  He said find that he will figure out a work around and put me on a liquid diet, since eating real food hurts basically.

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Dance clip

Sneaker Pimps - Spin Spin Sugar

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January 28, 2008

My crazy day

This weekend really sucked.  Not feeling well, not enjoying the time off....postponing my date. Just disappointed all the way around. Well Sunday I decided if I did not feel better I would see the doctor.  That is exactly what happened.  I woke up @ 6 am - called work and let them know...I tried to go back to sleep until about 8 am.  The doctor took me @ 9:20.  The ruling is undecided.  What she did mention is that it could be the flu, abdominal infection or a stone (like a gall stone).  So, she wanted me to get some blood work to start ruling things out (and to determine what pain meds she could give me) and she wanted an abdomen ultrasound - Since I have a mass - like a bump on the right side of my abdomen.  I got all of it done and was finally home around 4 pm.  Tired and in pain.   There are times where I am not in any pain and there are waves of intense debilitating pain.  It just wears me out.  My trainer knows about what is going on so that is tentatively postponed.  I am hardly eating, which should be a good thing.  My cats want to walk on me but they cant.   G-d I hope nothing invasive needs to be done. 

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January 27, 2008

Jack M is a fucking Genius - Must credit Jack M

This had me laughing so hard I cried....tears falling from my face....Oh my G-d just too too too funny!  He is a genius...If one could overthrow Ace as king of morons...it would be Jack!

Hillary: Bill Smeared Obama out of Love

For her, of all people.

Here is Hill in her own words:

Clinton was asked on CBS television's "Face the Nation" whether her husband was "out of control" after he took the Illinois senator, and the media to task, during a foul-tempered week-long campaign.

"You know, my husband has such a great commitment to me and to my campaign," the New York senator said.

"He loves me just like, you know, husbands and wives get out there and work on each others' behalf."

She blamed the tensions of the tight battle for the party's presidential nomination

"Maybe he got a little carried away. You know, that comes with a hard-fought election," she said.

Now this is the section of the blog where you expect cogent, thoughtful analysis. Perhaps a bit of psychoanalysis even.

Well, my friends, I will not disappoint you. As a trusted political pundit, you can get my in-depth thoughts after the jump.



My husband "has such a great commitment to me...." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH


*Can't Breathe...Laughing to hard*


"He loves me..."


"Husbands and wives get out there and work on each others' behalf...."


Oh man....you can't make stuff like this up. She can't be serious.

Can she?


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UPDATE:  Funniest comment:

10 Bill loves his wife. Even as Monica was going down on him, he was only thinking of her.

Posted by: Brown Line at January 27, 2008 09:42 PM (Efe/j)

OK here is another comment:

27 Nothing says luvin like wipin your dick in another womans dress

Posted by: burnitup at January 27, 2008 10:37 PM (H1lp7)

And here is my comment:
32 What can we say...they simply are the love of our age!  The new Romeo and Juliet!  The New Macbeth and his mom! 

Posted by: Robert at January 27, 2008 11:13 PM (oHBxM)

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Dance clips


Madison Avenue - Don't call me baby

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Haveil Havalim #151

Haveil Havalim #151 is UP!

Posted on January 27th, 2008 at 7:30 am by Soccerdad.

Filed under: Israel, Linkfests

It’s odd writing this when I had nothing to do with it. Haveil Havalim #151 is UP at Jack’s Shack. He’s got a great array of posts on topics ranging from personal reminisces to Israel to the presidential campaign to Anthrax (the rock group, that is.) Check it out!To submit a post about Judaism or Israel for the next edition click here. If you’re a blogger and wish to host let Jack know here. And please, especially if you have a post featured in the current edition, PUBLICIZE IT!

Listed at the Truth Laid Bear Ubercarnival.

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Democrats hehehe

You know as much as I am less than thrilled with the Republican presidential hopefuls I can take some bit of joy watching the democrats eat their own.  Last night in South Carolina Obamessiah just trounced Hillary.  It was very fun to watch CNN (I know I shouldn't even watch CNN) but it was too good to pass up as they were breaking down the demographics on how the races and gender voted.  Obamessiah got like 80+ of the black vote Hillary got 17%.  That is just too rich for the first black President (Clinton) their base is totally deserting them.  Schadenfreude my friends.  Let's enjoy the Schadenfreude together!

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January 26, 2008


Ugh, I hate being sick.  It fucking sucks and it's even worse when it happens on the weekend!  Friday evening....I started feeling really ill...I didnt even get up from the couch. I did not want to move..the moment I moved...nausea.  Now its Saturday night and I am just NOW starting to feel a bit better.  I hope this is just like last time in that its just a 24 hour bug.  I am just bummed that I had to postpone a date.   Damn.

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January 25, 2008


I am totally bored at work!  LOL so at lunch I cranked up the old school at lunch on 98.3 FM!   Let's listen to the tunes!

Gangstarr - DWICK

Dre and Snoop - Undercover

De La Soul - Roller Skating  - Saturday

Doug E Fresh - THE SHOW!

VERY EARLY RAP..man totally cool..very very cool!!!

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January 24, 2008

Vacation news again!

As you can tell this is going to be the story on the blog.   Well on the way home from the gym my boss and I were talking about the trip and that I will only have a very small layover in London. She said - no - she recommended that I should take an extra couple of days to explore London.   So from a 15 day vacation it could potentially become a 17-18 day vacation!  WHOOO!!!!   I have a great boss!

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Presidental Candidates vs The Breakfast Club.

Ok this post is just AWESOME!  Slublog is a genius for even having this idea...a genius moron! Anyway, I agree..just about completely with this..but I think Rudy would be a good Carl the Janitor.  But, hey Ron Paul fits too! LOL

From Ace

The Breakfast Club Primary

This story, about Mitt Romney's unpopularity among his fellow candidates, is hilarious to me for some reason. Perhaps it's this line:

Mr. Schnur used a schoolyard analogy to compare Mr. Romney, the ever-proper Harvard Law School and Business School graduate, to Mr. McCain, the gregarious rebel who racked up demerits and friends at the Naval Academy.

“John McCain and his friends used to beat up Mitt Romney at recess,” Mr. Schnur said.

The high school analogy got me thinking about the ultimate 1980s high school movie, "The Breakfast Club." If the current candidates, Democratic and Republican, were characters in that movie, who would they be?

John McCain is definitely John Bender. A guy with a tough past who's quick to temper and tends to rebel against the norms in ways that annoy those in authority.


This one should be rather self-explanatory. Claire Standish and John Edwards are both just...so...pretty.


Mitt Romney is definitely Brian Johnson. Well-off, geeky but smart. An academic club type of guy.


Popular and well-spoken, but maybe a little shallow and untested outside of his comfort zone? Yup. Barack Obama is Andrew Clark.


This one, you have to think of the end of the movie. Allison Reynolds improves her social standing by pairing up with the popular jock. I'll let you figure out the connection to Hillary Clinton.


This one also needs no detailed explanation. Richard Vernon and Mike Huckabee. It just seems right.


He is the eyes and ears of this institution, my friends. Ron Paul and Carl the Janitor. Smart, but just a bit...off.

And there you have it. "Rain keeps falling...rain keeps falling."

Thanks to various Hot Air commenters for getting this idea into my head.

Posted by: Slublog at 12:41 PM

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