September 11, 2009


Today is 9/11 - 8 years has passed since the terrorist attack that took the lives of nearly 3000 Americans, destroyed the Twin Towers, damaged the Pentagon. 

I really don't know what to think about this...or what to say about this....about the overall general ambivalence that many seem to show in light of the attacks that we have faced on that day.  All I know is that I do miss President Bush more on this day than I do on any other day.  Alot of thanks for keeping the US safe must go to him, Rumsfield and every single man and woman who are serving in the armed forces.  And, I thank them all!  Thank you for your diligence and effort to keep our country safe.

In some of the Jewish blogs some say that today is our Tish b'Av.  They are probably right.  A day of mourning and remembrance to those who work up...went to work...and had their lives snuffed out!  It is a chilling reminder that no one is ever truly safe and that our world view of thinking we (America) are protected by our oceans. 

Last year in Israel my view of 9/11 has changed.  Seeing the land and knowing I want to live there and how tiny it is and the view that they live through horrific events far more than we Americans have ever experienced has broadened my world view. 

This is a day we should remember those who lost their lives and a day to mourn the ending of our innocence that we were immune from the rest of the world and that we were safe in our blanket of oceans.  We should be more pragmatic in our behaviors and in the country's dealing with other states.  And, we should not stop fighting in until we beat the war out of those followers of Islamofascism.

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