July 22, 2009

A new roommate

I have a friend staying with me for a while.  Jennifer (Tink for short) she used to live in Colorado but suffered a few life changing experiences so for now she is staying with me.   It will be just a temporary stay while she rebuilds a bit, saves some money up and will get a place of her own down here.  In the meantime, she has her own room and my cats have to deal with her cats!  LOL....there is a fight EVERY NIGHT so far without fail! LOL

She came here last Thursday and we have gotten along great (the cats - well thats another story).  I hope that within 6 months or so she will be able to be in a much stronger position to be back on her own.

I sort of look at this in two ways - 1 - I feel the need to get used to a roommate since there is always that possiblity once I make the aliyah. 2 - she is a friend in need - and it's not like I am using all the rooms of my house.  It's just too bad that it has to be under the circumstances she is in.

But, in the end she will be better off and she is safe. 

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