December 30, 2008

a Truce - are you fucking kidding me?

Haartz is reporting a possible 48 hour truce on Israel's side.

If this happens - and my G-d I hope it doesn't - but if it does...Israel deserves to lose. 

There is no fucking way Israel should do something so civilized as to reward these barbarians with a lull in fighting.  FUCK!!! It's bad enough that Israel has allowed over 100 trucks of supplies to be sent into Gaza

Can you imagine this - WWII....US troops are fighting in the Ardennes forest in the Battle of the Bulge....but instead of us supplying our troops...we send 100 trucks with supplies to GERMANY?  WTF logic is this!  Fucking idiots!

You win wars by making the enemy scream UNCLE...and beg to stop..not by giving supplies to your enemies!

Now this shit about a truce?  Fuck does anyone in Israel know how to win a war anymore?  All this does is put more Israeli lives in danger because we all know Hamas wont stop firing those rockets!  Shit they haven't stopped firing them now!  Nor did they during the ceasefire!  No - what Israel needs to do is to invade with ground forces and beat Hamas so convincingly that Hamas begs for peace.  BEAT THE WAR OUT OF THEM.  It is the only thing those fucking terrorists there understand. 

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