October 20, 2009

Adventures with vets

Sunday I had to take Cornelius for round two  of his vet experiences.  First let me say I could barely type on Saturday because that bum....Jenn and I were trying to give him some meds and his back paws sliced into my hand and DAMN...next thing Jenn knows I have blood dripping on my floor and the cat carrier.  We finally give him his med and he runs off thinking he has been violated.

So far Jenn has been bitten.  we both have been scratched by his back pays - I am So glad he is declawed now. 

When it is time to take him to the vet - he knows it.  He fights and tries to hide but he can only hide so far.  On Sunday it really sucked because he was supposed to be there for the entire day.  But the wouldnt do the surgery  as he was still under antibiotics.  So, this sunday I have to do this all over again.  Seriously this is now going to be about a month where I have NOT been able to sleep in a single day. 

So, they drew his blood, checking the basics and his organ functions.  I want the vaccines.  But they cannot do that yet until this gets resolved first.

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