July 21, 2008

Obamessiah to be guarded by Terrorists????

Oh yes, yes it does seem to be true.  Captain Bullshit is going to be in Israel and the Terrorist territories and Gabriel over at Ace of Spades has the latest Bullshit from Captain Bullshit:

Forget the lame German kvetching about the "problematic symbolism" of Obama's upcoming speech at the Victory Column. That's nothing but an invented controversy. This is a symbolic blunder worthy of our concern and objection.

Here is the post from the article:

According to security officials coordinating deployments of forces with the PA for Obama's Ramallah visit, members of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, Fatah's declared military wing, have been called upon by the PA to participate in the protection of Obama, particularly in securing the perimeter during a scheduled meeting with PA President Mahmoud Abbas.

The Brigades is listed as a terror organization by the U.S. State Department. The group took credit along with the Islamic Jihad terror organization for every suicide bombing in Israel between 2005 and 2006 and is responsible for thousands of shootings and rocket firings. Statistically, the Al Aqsa Brigades perpetuated more terrorism from the West Bank than Hamas, according to the Israeli Defense Forces.

Brigades leaders, speaking to WND on condition of anonymity, confirmed they will participate in protecting Obama as official members of the PA's security forces.

Very interesting, Captian Bullshit, is this how the healing is supposed to begin?  What kind of fucking lesson is this supposed to tell us?  And this prick is close to becoming the head of the free world.  G-d I hope not. 

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Fess up time

Who sent the gift to Lital without putting their name on it?  That is the big question of the day!

She got a flower inside a glass.  But no name as to who sent it, and it wasn't me LOL.   Inquiring minds would like to know - namely Lital!

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July 20, 2008

Got done early

With my school work..so I was going to head out to see the Dark Knight..but instead decided to just sort of relax, clean up...and unwind here at the house...Next week!  Definitely will see the new Batman flick. 

So now I am just cleaning up a bit and watching Bend it like Beckham...yes I know its soccer..so sue me...LOL  Be that as it may..it is a good flick and it reminds me of California, since that was the last movie I saw before I moved to Arizona. 

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July 19, 2008

Batman Videos

Because of the release of The Dark Knight!

Bat dance


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Have you ever been to a place where you felt you had NOTHING in common with anyone?  That is what I felt yesterday.  I went to a B-day party yesterday and it was nice....but man, I felt bored and that I did not have anything in common with anyone there.  I had a better time watching the kids play.  Conversations just focused around drinking and past drug use.  Somethings that I do not have any experience in.  It all just reminded me of fear and loathing in las vegas. LOL.  I guess the simple conclusion is that I am the urbanite intellectual to them being well...rural. 

I was asked if I had a good time, via text.  I did not respond because it was her B-day.  I did not really have a good time.  I didn't like everyone who was there...let alone the feeling of not having anything in common.  I would have had a better time seeing The Dark Knight! 

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July 16, 2008

Round up of the Prisoner/remains swap

This is huge news in the Israel blogs.  Some are just sort of in a state of stunned silence....others are much more emotional and prolific.  Take the time to read some of the posts and comments.  Such a sad and tragic day that shows the world, once again, that terrorism pays.

The Muqata
Ace of Spades
Israel Matzav again and again

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Freed Child Murderer

I have been kicking around this story for a few days now...hoping against hope that it would not happen.....yet it seems it has.  Samir Kuntar and other fucking animals have been released to Hezbullah/Lebanon (there simply is no reason to divide the country as it is controlled by Hezbullah now.)  In return Israel was given back the bodies of soliders Goldwasser and Regev.  If one recalls it was the kidnapping of these two soldiers that was the pretext for the Second Lebanon War in 2006. 

Now, the older I get the angrier I get.  And, in this case if Israel was going to get the bodies of two soldiers, then Israel should return the lifeless body of Kuntar.  Hell, Israel should fucking have the death penalty specifically for these animals....and actively use it even more than the State of Texas!  Instead, Israel has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt how morally superior it is compared to its neighbors!  Will the world notice? Does the word even fucking care?  No!  Fuck the world!   Fuck these terrorists....and fuck the Arabs and everyone else who supports the terrorists! 

Now, according to the Jerusalem Post, Israel is getting requests in to free Schalit who might or might not be alive!  But Haniyah is saying that to get him freed is going to cost Israel to release THOUSANDS of terrorists!  FUCK THAT!  Is that what the life (currency) exchange for an Arab to an Israeli?  1 Israeli life for thousands of arab scum?  Sure sounds that way to me. 

Damn reading these articles sure does piss me off!  Look at this quote and tell me what your response would be to those poor oppressed Paleoanimals in Gaza?

Much praise was heaped praise on Lebanese prisoner Samir Kuntar, who killed four people in 1979, as well as Dalal Mughrabi, the Fatah woman who led the 1978 coastal bus carnage that claimed the lives of 36 people.

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July 15, 2008

Fear and Loathing Music!

Three Dog Night - Momma told me not to come

Bob Dylan - Memphis Blues

Booker T and the MG's - Time is tight

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Sorry in advance? Well sort of

There seems to be a discussion on the Happy Birthday Israel clip..and well..I am being bad.  And, I probably shouldnt respond just out of respect for Lital and Adi, but after seeing someone comment long live Hezbullah..well..that's just not going to fly. 

So, I have been responding to user Latixy.  Here are some of my responses:

Oh please, in 1948 there was supposed to be a Palestinian state, the UN set aside half the country for it. But that was not good enough for the PaleoArabs so they tried to take it all and LOST. If they abided by the UN resolution in 1948 there would be two states an Israeli state and an Palestinian state. THEY LOST. Israel won, YAY Israel for being able to defeat not only the Palestianians, but Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Saudia Arabia, Lebanon and Iraqi!! Happy Birthday Israel!!!!

You certainly have an ignorant view of history. 1917, England conquered the region during WWI. After the Great War, the League of Nations gives control over most of the Middle East to England and France. Prior to that the Ottoman Empire ruled the region from 1517. In 1947, after pressure from England the UN decides on a joint separation of the land about 50% for the Jews and 50% for the Arabs, but that was not good enough. You tried to kill us. You lost. Deal with it.

First off, there is no such thing as Palestine. It is Israel. Palestine was a term given by Emperor Hadrian after the Revolt 133 ce. And its the same right that gives anyone the ability to emigrate to the US. There is a clear difference between STOLE and taken by right of conquest. Under the rules of war, right of conquest gives the victors the ability to claim what they have rightfully taken. Again, you tried to kill us. You lost...we won. Deal with it.

Well....this is going to be a fun day.  I see it already!

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Tasha and Dishka Clip!

Happy Birthday Israel

In a way this clip is very reminiscent of the older clips the joy of the girls being together.  Though I wonder just how much better this clip would have been if they did the editing!   Enjoy!

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July 14, 2008

Dallas Cowboys Training Camp!!!!

WHOOO!!!! HBO is going to start showing Dallas Cowboys Training Camp starting Sept 6th!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOO GO BOYS!!! Get to the Superbowl!!!

And I sure hope the results are better than least years training camp with who was it...Denver?  Or Minnosta...I cant recall but they sucked!!

Go Dallas.....!!!!!

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Ace of Spades Vacation Spot

See now this is why I read Ace of Spades...sure Mr. Ewok has excellent summaries of the FISA issues...or Gabriel and the Legal crap...hehe...But really its for the comments and the sex studies and this:

Ace Of Spades Lifestyle Vacation Spot: Zakynthos, Greece
— DrewM

They hold 'competitions' there much more interesting than anything at the Olympics.

Nine British women were facing prostitution charges after being arrested at the weekend for taking part in an oral sex competition in the Greek holiday island of Zakynthos, police said on Monday.

The women, who came to the popular resort on holiday, had been paid to take part in the competition, which was video recorded and was to be posted on the Internet, police said.

...Around 15 million people -- a fifth of them British -- visit the eastern Mediterranean country each year, drawn by its soaring summer temperatures, azure waters and sandy beaches.

The possibilities are endless!  This is clearly the place to be!   Thanks Drew for   This is one event that should be broadcast on pay per view!  And the one quote I have in my head is from the Movie Robocop:  "I'd by that for a dollar!"

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It's Monday so you know what that means!

Tasha and Dishka clip day! 

This one is of Dishka!

Mad World

Now one of Tasha!

Tasha's World

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Pity Israel

Why you ask?  Well next week Obamessiah (the Lamb of Chicago) plans on visiting Israel....and Jerusalem.  Now that he has completely turned his words upside down and twisted from from telling AIPAC that Jerusalem will remain undivided...he has given in to the Paleoarabs in stating that Jerusalem should be divided and now become the Capital of the Terrorists in the West Bank!  Not only that but just imagine all that traffic he is going to cause once there!  And what lies he will shrill to try to convince Jews that he is a friend of Israel!  I certainly hope no one is fooled by his smooth talking BS.

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Meant to blog on Friday: Israel to strike Iran in Early September???

From Ace:

Hmmm...: Speculation About Israel Attack on Iran, Coming in Early September
— Ace

His point is that the signals for war aren't military, chiefly, but political, and the politics signal giving Iran six more weeks to show some responsiveness to diplomacy before Israel is given the go-ahead.

Now, the obvious concern is WTF, What would happen if this scenario occurs and Chris and I are in Israel?  Actually this raises a few questions. 

1.  How likely is this scenario? 
2.  Is this scencario more likely to occur if Obama looks like the next President?
3.  What would the response of the other Arab states? (we have part of that potential answer in Ace's post:

Related: Arab states hint at "Meh, do what you want" attitude regarding attacking Iran.

Then again, they've also stated there is no plan to ramp up production on an emergency basis should war break out and oil delivery be disrupted, which is a polite way of saying "If you do this, you're screwed."

Now, in connection to this I had found another interesting article but since then it has been strenuously denied.  An Iraqi defense minister has report stating that Israeli pilots and air force is using Iraqi airspace and US bases in Iraqi in preparation for an attack on Iran.  Now, this is a shocker to me!  Because of the historical implications.  I could totally see US aiding the IAF in allowing the use of naval carrier support and such, but to actually use Iraqi air space and military bases....WOW.

4.  What would happen to us (Chris and I) if this were to happen while we are on vacation?
5.  What would happen if it was just me?

Honestly, I have been thinking about it and I am at a loss.  I mentioned this to my boss and she kept repeating that if anything serious happened she is just a phone call away and said not to worry.  And, I am not worried....really, I think my sister is far more worried than I am.  I am not looking at it as a game...or diminishing its seriousness at all.  But, as Lital has told me, when I asked her how she is able to do what she is able to do at school despite the bombings...she just responded its life.  And, that is pretty much how I feel.   Nothing short of all out war is going to stop me from going there and having the time of my life.

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Hello everyone!

It was a very cool weekend....School wasnt so bad.  Went to the movies to see Hancock....and for the first time in a while..slept in...til almost noon on Sunday!   Usually when I am grading papers I end up posting videos and such....things just went so smoothly that it totally slipped my mind!   Oh well...now its Monday and here I am blogging away....

But at least it's less than 7 weeks to ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh yes..Oh yes indeed!!!!!

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July 12, 2008

RIP Tony Snow

Perhaps the best press secretary President Bush had, Tony Snow, passed away from complications of cancer. 

From Ace (well Dave in Texas)


Survived by his wife and three children.

Remembered here by President Bush:

"It was a joy to watch Tony at the podium each day. He brought wit, grace, and a great love of country to his work," Bush said. "His colleagues will cherish memories of his energetic personality and relentless good humor."

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July 09, 2008

The King of Flip Flops: FISA Passes!

And Obamessiah voted for it!  

The Nutroots are seething..and it is a delight to watch.

After a few days I am sure the media is going to say that he was brave to re-evaluate his position...but what I find most interesting is that Clinton voted no. 

Here are the reactions:
Stop the ACLU

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More Music Clips

Shaman - Move Any Mountain

Classic Dance from 1991!!! YAY House Music!!!

TKA - One Way Love

Finally this clip is on Youtube!

Dino - I like it.

Awww from 1989! 

System - Don't disturb this groove!

Tones on Tail - Go

This was their biggest hit and when I hear it...I tend to think of movies like Valley Girl and Ferris Beuhler (sp.) LOL   From around 1984.

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A comprehensive list of Obama's flip flops

This man makes John Fn Kerry look like a competent politician!

Seriously, how in the hell can this guy be so damned close to becoming the most powerful man in the world?  Can someone explain it to me?

Here is a list of every flip flop, alteration and every item of pandering this man has done to grab the office of President of the United States, thanks to Ace for linking it. (Check Slublog's photoshop at Ace's site.)


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