August 17, 2008

Less than 3 weeks away.......

And, we might have a new edition.....Shawn is back to reconsidering going.

I think it will be cool   The more the merrier... I voiced the couple of concerns that I had.....with him...and he understood.    Because one of the reasons we are going to there is to meet  the girls and hopefully more than long as the meetings go well...I think it would happen, being friends and all...and this is not going to be like them coming in the chatroom and stopping in for a few minutes.

Anyway,  I think it would be cool if Shawn came too...he would leave the first..since he would only be there for a week.  Then Chris and then me.   Just as it should be ROFLMAO!!! Just kidding guys!!! LOL

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More music clips

Yeah it is that time.

So we are going to mix it up a bit.

Snoop Dogg - Fuck you

Dr. Dre - Fuck you

This IMHO is the smoother song...of the two.

Mash up of Kyle Minogue and New Order

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August 15, 2008

Classic Clips

Otis Redding - Try a little Tenderness

Beach Boys - Wouldn't it be nice

Zombies - She's not there

Ok the Zombies are just too here is another one!

Zombies  - Tell her no

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The first gift for the girls is here! Very cool!!!! And, this is the first thing that is going into the suitcases, well that and power outlet converters.  

I really hope the girls will like this.   Guess we shall see!

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My new toy!

Yep!  I got my new blackberry.. now I gotta figure out how to use it and configure it.  They (Tmobile) state that I will be able to use this in Israel.   Now, its just configuring and reloading my data unto it.  One more thing to do this weekend!

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August 14, 2008

The Obama Test

I'm an embarrassment to Barack!
I only scored 18 on the Obama Test

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Ace of Spades Football Pool!!!

IT's ON!!!!! YEAH!!!  Oh yeah!!

This will be the second time I have particpated in it!  Just signed up for it.   WHOOOOO!!!!

If you want to participate, go to this post Dave in Texas set it up!

I guess the Hobo's will be safe for now while everyone is drinking and trying to pick their picks!

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August 13, 2008

New Tasha Clip!!!

YAY What a nice surprise!!!  A new Tasha clip!!!

Chris alerted me to it! 

This video had such a good feel to it...reminiscent of the clips before Lital started college..where it was almost care-free and just very laid back.  And, it was great hearing her sing and play the guitar again, its been a long time since we have seen that!!! Very very nice!  Enjoy the goodness!!!

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August 12, 2008

Why the war in Georgia is important

From DPUndead:

For those of you who like to keep track of these things, the Russian invasion of Georgia is the most important story of the 21st century thus far. Yes, more important globally than 9/11. Here's why. After the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991, the world celebrated the end of the Cold War and the surging dominance of freedom and prosperity for all the world.

Dozens of ex-Soviet republics began building capitalist economies and freely-elected governments. Though slow in coming, prosperity did start to arrive in the more free, industrious countries. Well, there was another element common to those countries that prospered most. They were the ones least tied to the Russian government.

I totally agree with his assessment.  Yes, we Americans are completely justified in our view that 9/11 changed the world, but in the global view it didn't.  Terrorism has been a staple in Western Civilization since the French Revolution.  The means is how it has changed.  The fact that our oceans no longer protect us because the world is such a smaller place is just a new reality we, as Americans must deal with.  We can no longer become isolationist nation as we once were at the end of WW1.  And, we have to stop evil and aggression at the beginning not wait for it to grow and consume the world as it did during WW2.  Let's continue with DPundead:

Now, Putin's end-game has been made public and we are in a very dire situation. Russia claims they were only responding to Georgian aggression (that would be hilarious if it weren't so horrible) but, of course, their 'response' could never have been manufactured on the fly in a single day. Ask anyone:

Let's be clear: For all that US commentators and diplomats are still chattering about Russia's "response" to Georgia's actions, the Kremlin spent months planning and preparing this operation. Any soldier above the grade of private can tell you that there's absolutely no way Moscow could've launched this huge ground, air and sea offensive in an instantaneous "response" to alleged Georgian actions.

As I pointed out Saturday, even to get one armored brigade over the Caucasus Mountains required extensive preparations. Since then, Russia has sent in the equivalent of almost two divisions - not only in South Ossetia, the scene of the original fighting, but also in separatist Abkhazia on the Black Sea coast.

The Russians also managed to arrange the instant appearance of a squadron of warships to blockade Georgia. And they launched hundreds of air strikes against preplanned targets.

What is the best way to resolve this?  I think we must draw a line in the sand and if the Russian bear wants to cross it, so be it.  They will be met by the best force in the world, the American Military whether it be through direct aid to Georgia or troops on the ground to stabilize the situation.  My gut says that the Russians will not take that risk.  They will blink as they did in 1962.  They couldn't handle the Afghans armed with our weapons, there is no way in hell they can handle our guys.

Final thoughts from DPundead:

As is mentioned in this article, the cynisism involved in Russian actions is chilling. What we are witnessing is Russia's attempt at a return to empire with Putin as Tzar. I wouldn't make such a bold statement without the support of several events in the last several years including assassinations, violatingairspace and other hostile, intimidating acts from Moscow. This hasn't happened in a vacuum.

Now we have a newly independent nation (and staunch ally of the United States) with Russia's boot on their throat and not one nation has lifted a finger to help them. Reigns are being tightened diplomatically on existing satellite states (Belarus) while nations who grew too independent are being reminded who is really in charge. To Russia, their sovereignty was a cute phase but it is time for them to stop playing around and come back into the fold.

Georgia is begging for help and the west absolutely must respond. Not with words or removing Russia from the G8 but with, at least, direct aid. If that isn't sufficient, Russia must be stopped militarily. Russian conquest of Georgia must not be allowed to stand any more than Iraq's conquest of Kuwait. Georgia is just the first domino in a long string of ex-Soviet nations on Putin's wishlist and it must not be allowed to fall. If the west allows an ally to be wholly consumed by the Bear, it will not sate the appetite any more than Czechoslovakia appeased Hitler.

That's a much bigger story than terrorism to me. This is the kind of story that leads to world war. Thing is, maybe it should.

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New - well used - blackberry.

Yep I broke down and bought one.

I called Lital and couldnt even speak to cell kept dropping.  The same happened with Deanna and Chris!  And last night...I couldnt spend more than 3-4 min talking to my sister before the call would I've had it. 

Yes, I know this is used but its a freaking blackberry! I bought it.  And, it is unlocked which is GREAT and it is quad band so it will work in Israel! YAY me!

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The War in Georgia

I haven't really talked about it..because so many others have covered it far more indepth and I have nothing serious to add that has already been said by better, and those who know far more about the conflict than I.  My observations now that a ceasefire has been supposedly accepted by the Russians is this...does anyone get the feeling that the cold war is coming back?

Gab at Ace has probably covered this conflict the best.  And, I cannot stress enough how it seems this war caught everyone (ok nearly everyone) by surprise.  Who woulda thought that the Russians would have pulled some stunt like this while the Olympics were going on?  <cough Munich 72 cough>

Now reports of attrocities and photoshopping are being reported.  Umm....reminds me of some country...I cant think of the name...wait it will come to a second...oh yeah Israel!

I wish that there was more the US could do.  If Bush was not a lame duck President we might actually do more than what we are doing, which is not much.  I do not believe we are stretched thin by any stretch of the imagination and our military is more than strong enough to take on this burden, because lets remember, this is the first time the Russians have faced a war since they got their asses handed to them in Afghanistan!  Stop the aggression now before it spreads or else where are you going to draw the line?  When the Russians step in for "regime change" in the Ukrane?  Estonia?  Latvia?  Poland?  The Czech Republic?  Think I am wrong, I don't think so.  If Putin had his way he would restore the Russian Empire to the way it was during the height of the Cold War. 

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August 11, 2008

Dumb vs Dumber

Wow, according to Foxnews, Cindy Sheehan has qualified to challenge Nancy Pelosi!  Never in a race has it been such a clear choice between looser and looser!  I can't wait for the ads to come out between these two dumbasses!  Oh the waste of money will be divine justice!

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Ah Glorious Monday!!!!

Yeah I am lying. LOL  Today is going to suck....I have a dr. appt for a physical and a tetanus shot and getting vaccinated for Malaria!  All for preparation for the trip.  Yippee!!!! LOL...well at least I only have 25 days and counting!

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August 10, 2008

Dance Clips

Ruffneck - Everybody be somebody

Snap - I got the power

C&C Music Factory - Boriqua Anthem


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School work is over!

Yes it is! WHOO!!!

7 classes - one of which is brand new!

2 classes officially end tonight!  Will have finals from them tonight to start grading.

And 2 classes scheduled for 8/25! 

Wonderful! Perfect..well it would be perfect if I had even more!

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Obligatory Olympic post

Well the Olympics are going on.  My trainer is there - he is the coach/nutritionist for the US Wrestling Team.  Honestly I had no intention of watching it at all.  Though my sister Tivo'd it and I saw about 15 min of the opening ceremony.  Yes, it was brilliant, but you know what it had to be.  Their lives probably literally depended on it - not to make light of the situation and the brilliance but this is the nation that had the one child policy for a very long time.  You gave birth to more than one child and that child would have to die.  That aside....yes the opening ceremony from what I saw was brilliant. 
It's amazing, I remember the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles - I lived about an hour from the festivities and I was about 12 years old.  That was an amazing feeling.  I was in like 6th grade and the elementary school I attended had its own little olympic games LOL...

I remember being at home and watching the Barcelona games back in 1992.  I think that was the one time I was actively following the Olympics and the winners and such...I guess it was the one time I felt civic pride and watching the Dream Team Kick Ass over everyone was just too cool to pass up..and I don't even care for Basketball very much but winning a game by 60+ points was just a blow out with an exclamation point!

Ever since then, my interest has dwindled.  Honestly I prefer watching the Little League world series vs the Olympics. 

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Haveil Havalim - Tisha B'Av Edition

Yes, I know I haven't blogged the Jewish Carnival very often....but this one is a special's the Tisha B'Av edition and for those who don't know this is the saddest day in Judaism.

Snoopy the Goon is posting it.   Go over an take a look - lots of good articles posted there!

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Damn and Double Damn - 2 RIPs

Yesterday the great comedian Bernie Mac passed away.    He was extremely funny and now I regret not going to his show tapings when I had the chance.

Today, I just found out on CNN that Issac Hayes passed away. 

DAMN!  2 Greats have passed away in two freaking days!  Damn!  Isaac Hayes is great in and of himself...Shaft and other recordings will stand the test of time...but who can forget him as Chef through most of the episodes of South Park!  Damn - he will be missed!

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August 07, 2008

Heep update

Lital posted an note and a video on facebook and honestly it was a shocker.  She said that her and Adi have been fired from Heep!  Honestly I cant believe it.  That totally sucks..and as I noted in my comment that I felt it was a bad move..because most of us that go to heep only heard about it from Lital and Adi.  Yeah yeah I know we aren't their target market but they got hits from us and that does bring them revenue. I also know I was looking for an Israeli Sim Card for my trip...for my cell phone...and I am sure Chris was too.

I sure do hope the girls retain full ownership of their clips so that Heep cannot use the girls image, clips or anything without reimbursing the girls!

Good luck Lital and Adi...despite this setback you will advance even farther, better and will emerge stronger!

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1 Month from now

I will be boarding the British Airways Jet to travel to Israel.  I can't believe it is now a month away! time flies!    Amazing!

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