August 25, 2008

Computer crap!

Well, it took almost two days to back up my Laptop and create recovery disks but FINALLY, they are done.

While I was working on the PC, I was checking the DNC (Democratic National Convention) oh my..what a farce.  The only time they could utter the words patriotism and not spit right after saying it. 

Tonight they had Senator Ted "Mary Jo Kopechne - could not be reached for comment" Kennedy.  He looked surprisingly well given the cancer and surgeries he has had to endure.  A pleasant surprise overall..and then Michelle "Not proud of America" Obama.  G-d she just exudes elitism far worse than anyone I know.  Then she tries to dumb it down saying this is more eventful than her playing basketball with her brother, GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!  If this is the best the Dhimmicrats have, McCain might actually win by a landslide.  And every time they cut to Mr. Plagiarism - Senator Biden, with his wooden expression I just laughed out loud. 

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