September 28, 2007

DRUGS and alcohol

Queue the police music! LOL

Chris and I were talking about this last night.  I might talk about wine and such...but it is really excessive of me if I end up drinking more than 4 times a year.  There is one day - every year...that I know I will end up buying alcohol.  SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!  Usually I will go to my sisters and crash at her place because she would make a HUGE margarita...we are talking about a 64 ounce margarita! LOL Beyond that, its very rare for me to actually drink. 

I talked about going to the nice wine store in Avondale a few times - I haven't actually be back there - though I do want to go.  That place was awesome!

I do not smoke - I think in my entire life I have smoked less than 10 cigarettes.  However, I do like an occasional cigar.  Maybe 1 every three months. LOL  Actually since I moved into my house in December I have had only 1 cigar.  So, ok I am a rare very rare smoker LOL  When I go to Israel - if they have Cuban Cigars - yeah I will buy some!

I was the only one in my family who did not smoke.  My mom, dad and sister did.  My sister started smoking when she was 9 years old - she finally quit smoking this year! I am really happy that she has done that.  When I was  younger I would be asked to run to the liquor store specifically to buy cigs for  my family and I would annoy the crap out of them because I wouldn't go.  My  reason was that I would not buy something that would damage them..or contribute to killing them.  Even when I lived with my sister, I rarely bought her cigs.  She knew better than to ask me most of the time. hehe

Other drugs - I do not indulge.  I tried pot three times in my life - one of those was the Chronic - each time...I would get anxiety attacks.   It sucked..totally sucked.  My sister kept telling me either I took too much or my chemistry just flat out did not like it. 

But I do have to say watching people who are stoned is some real comedy.  Just like watching people who are drunk....though that can become almost pitiful as well.

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1 Robert- nice blogs lately!! good mix of stuff

Posted by: Chris07 at September 28, 2007 11:25 AM (Fbigh)

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