November 12, 2009


I think for the first time in oh....about 2 years I actually spent some time playing some computer games. 

I know..shocking isn't it. 

Between all the craziness going on in my life - trying to make sure obligations are met - juggling my life, parts of Jenn's life, the trip to Vegas - that I have to finish updating..  (Oh and I have some pics...but mine are on my iPhone - so no flash.  Agrippa is working on getting a converter cord then he will send me his MUCH MUCH better pictures.)

Between all of these issues the past couple of weekends I was actually able to spend a bit of time playing some computer games. 

Hehe I remember the past with fondness when I used to have time to just waste playing games.  It's fun, but now it is simply a luxury I do not have.  I will be LUCKY if I am able to spend an hour or two playing a game.  Before I went to Vegas I bought Europa Universalis III, Rome Universalis and Civilization IV.  All very very good games and would like to learn more about them in between my responsibilities.

At least now on Fridays I can divide my time between learning Hebrew - yes actually learning it now...and playing games when I start getting frustrated in learning a new language hehehe.

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