June 29, 2009

Free speech "documentary"

So, I am watching this show on HBO.

18 minutes into this - they spent so far 10 min on Ward Churchill.  This is a man guilty of academic misconduct.  He plagiarized and used false information.  His jest is if there are consequences there is no freedom.  What bullshit.

Freedom is not free.  Freedom is a constant battle.  And freedom has consequences.  The difference between Free speech is that the government does not shut you down.  However, public scrutiny is allowed.  If the public doesn't like you.  You have the right to speak but consequences are there.  Just like if you start a business that no one wants - you go out of business.  Same with speech.

What I find fascinating in this documentary is that they call Daniel Pipes and David Horowitz fringe right-wing individuals.  When reading their works they are nothing of the sort.  Interesting.

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