April 19, 2007

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This past week has been quite eventful.  Between the Don Imus issue, the shooting at V-Tech, The Supreme Court narrowly upholding the Partial Birth Abortion Plan its been almost difficult to keep up.  So, I just have a few thoughts I want to put out there:

First - Don Imus.  I never thought this as a huge issue.  Its not like he hasn't pulled this type of stunt before.  Why now is he getting the ax?  Though I do find it somewhat amusing that the Liberals are eating their own, in this situation.  I mean one of Imus's most observed guest was Senator John Kerry - Democrat.  Now, with the input of Snoop Dogg into this issue, I have come up with the best headline for this story:  DON IMUS FIRED--SNOOP DOGG STILL HAS A CONTRACT.  This just completely highlights to the hypocracy of Al Sharpton et al.

Second - VA-Tech.  My heart goes out to everyone who has been touched by this shooting - NOT to the murder, but I do feel bad for his family.  Yes, I call him a murder.  He, in cold blood, murdered 32 innocent individuals.  Now, it has come out that he sent NBC a "manifesto"  I don't really hold it against NBC for broadcasting it.  Hell, if it bleeds it leads principle is still very much alive and well in the MSM.  Part of me just wants the story to stop and allow everyone affected a chance for reflection and to digest all of the emotional rollercoaster they have been forced to experience since the beginning of this week.  May G-d grant them peace.

Finally, the partial birth abortion ban was upheld by the US Supreme Court.  All I can say, is good (for the most part).  The only thing I would have liked would be an exemption in case the mother's life was in jeopardy.   I honestly, dont have a problem with abortion, but if you carry a child to the 6th, 7th and 8th month, that child will likely survive on its own.  At that point, I believe to kill that viable life form is committing murder.  Have the baby, give it up for adoption to a couple who cannot have children and you will be doing that child a great service.  Don't kill it.  Anyway, just my thought on the matter. 

Also, this week - well April 17th, was tax day.  This really sucked.  This was the first time in my life I ever had to pay money TO the government.  I usually get some of MY money back.  Yes, I don't look at it as a refund, since they took my money to begin with, made interest on it and then gave it back.  I wish we had Boortz's Fair tax.  But, it wont happen.  This year I had to give the government $1641.00 extra on top of the taxes I had already given them.  All I can hope for is that next year, I get more of my money back.

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1 I get more of my money back.

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