August 29, 2008

Going back to Cali, Cali, Cali

Yep, here I California.  Currently I am at my hotel in Pomona, CA.  It's a really nice hotel.  I got here around 6:15 pm and tried to unwind and ended up falling alseep on the couch...I just woke up...and its after 10pm.  This is what happens boys and girls when you have 4 hours of sleep, work over half the day and then drive 5 hours and almost 400 miles.

Tomorrow I plan to go see my grandmother!   Spend time with her until she gets tuckered out...then I plan to take some pics..visit the old neighborhood then go see grandma again.  

I ended up touching base with Jonathan and I will probably have dinner with him...then another visit with grandma...and then time to come back to the hotel.  Do my school work and then crash.  Basically a very full day.

Sunday, I have some school work to shouldn't take too long...then I will check out of the hotel...and go back to visit grandma.  From there I will head back to Arizona.

The good thing about this (since I am travel impaired) is that this sort of gives me a mini experience before the main event. Already making mental notes (like do not forget the optical mouse! LOL

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