December 07, 2009


Well, the aaliyah is on hold. 

I have to have surgery - Wednesday I go to have an Endoscopy.  The surgeon is going to take photos of my stomach and such to see what can be done and then I am working on the cardiac and pulmonary clearance - once I get that taken care of then I can move forward.  I do think that I will end up having to postpone the aaliyah for a few years at least. 

So, what to do? I have to say this sucks!  Though I have been told that taking trips is fully allowed I just need to be able to check in with the Dr and make sure any possible complications can be resolved.   I, of course, will agree and comply with it. 

My brain keeps saying Damn it...and trying to find a way to just carry on and move to Israel.  But, I know logically it would be insane for me to do that.  I need to be healthy to be able to do such a move.   So, for the time being this is it.

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