December 14, 2009

My adventure

Wow I had a fun weekend.  Wednesday I was supposed to get an endoscopy, but I was sick and couldnt do it so it got postponed until Dec 17th.  All fine and good right?  LOL NO!!!

Wednesday evening I start getting cramping in my abdomen and I take some pain pills and go to sleep hoping by the morning the pain will go away.  I wake up at 2 am just in alot of pain go to the restroom and try to go back to sleep until 4 am when I wake up to take Jen to work.  About 3:45 am I wake up in even worse pain.  I wake Jen up so she can start getting ready for work and I tell her that I need to call 911 as well.  I slowly go downstairs, get on my couch and call 911.  By 4:15 am the paramedics are at my house.  I explain to them my situation, they take my blood pressure and it is elevated.  I tell them I need to go to the ER.  They ask me if I can drive, I can't.  So, they hook me up in an IV, give me some meds for Nausea and we wait for the ambulance to transport me to St. Lukes in Phoenix.

The ambulance arrived and at about 4:30 am I was on my way to the hospital.  I get there and am immediately admitted and after triage they start giving me some meds.  2 units of morphine.  It starts helping but damn the pain was just something fierce.  If I could I would have had them take me into surgery right away to fix my intestines.  But, it would be better to wait it out until I can have the one surgery to fix everything.  The last thing I need is to piecemeal each procedure.  Instead I get pain management, blood test, nausea meds, and a CT SCAN - YAY! LOL

After being in the ER for about 3-4 hours the surgeon comes by.  My surgeon.  I hope he will be the one doing the main procedure in the next month or two.  He tells me that he does not think I should go home, that I should stay the day for observation in case there is any negative response that would require immediate treatment.  I completely agree and thusly I am admitted.

Once in the room my pain management is greatly improved.  I contact my sister she brings my PC later that evening.  My relatives are called and LOL I text Grumpy....until my texts start looking more like drunk texting and then I pass out. 

I remember my sister showing up that evening with the PC.  I sort of remember pieces of our conversation...I doze off again.  The IV starts aching my wrist (yes I do not recommend IVs on anyone's wrist).

Friday I am actually feeling better.  Less pain meds needed - and less frequency as well!  The doctors can actually feel around the intestines without tears showing up in my eye.  The swelling and tenderness diminished.  The surgeons all agree that if this keeps up I should be able to go home Friday and that is precisely what happens.  I get discharged around 5 pm on Friday.  They give me my last dose of morphine and send me home (my sister came to pick me up.).   I was SO glad to have that damned IV off my wrist.  And nervous that the intense pain would come back.  So far, I have been lucky.  At least now I have an ample supply of pain meds to hopefully  handle the jabs of pain. 

I took a laid back weekend to try to recover from the adventure in St. Lukes and to try to get over this damned cold - oh yeah forgot to mention that - while all of this has been going on, I have been fighting this damned head-cold and coughing bout.

What a weekend!

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