February 11, 2009

Obama wants Livni!

Israel Matzav has the report and I can say I am NOT SHOCKED at all.  Livni is a failure in just about every position she has had in the Israeli government.  Hell she stuck Israel with UN Resolution 1701 which has all but allowed Hezbullah to rearm - assuring a new war in Lebanon sometime in the future.  Livni is someone he can bully around and circumvent.  That cannot be said of Bibi.

Here is the scoop: 

US officials are publicly taking a wait-and-see approach to the formation of a new Israeli government, but privately many have expressed concern that Likud leader Binyamin Netanyahu might preside over a right-wing coalition.

"There would be great unease" at the prospect of such a government, said one Capitol Hill source.

He predicted that a governing coalition of parties from the Right could embolden the left flank of the Democratic party and turn up pressure, particularly in the US Congress, to pass measures that made clear demands on Israel.

Still, many political analysts say there's no doubt the Obama administration would prefer to see a national-unity government headed by Livni.

"The impression in Israel is that the Obama administration has already made its preference known and that its preference is for Kadima - and that impression isn't going anywhere," said Georgetown University professor and Israel expert Michael Oren.

This is why Israel is on its own with the Obama administration.  Israel needs to act in its best way it can and IMHO that would be under a right wing coalition under Benjamin Netanyahu.   The Democrats would sell out Israel in a heartbeat and that will happen regardless if Livni was in power or Bibi - but with Bibi - he will fight.  Livni will give up everything in the vain hope of securing US support that simply will not be reliable or in Obama's interest to cater too.

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