August 24, 2008

Ok weekend recap

Man what a busy weekend....Hardly a moment of peace and quiet..but I guess I have to accept that this is the way its going to be until I leave for Israel.

Friday, I was supposed to go shopping with my boss, but it fell through.  So I went shopping by some clothes...order some as well.  I think the main clothing item I need now is an overcoat or a business jacket type of thing..beyond that, pretty much set.  I might want another pair of shoes too..but I am debating that now.

Rental car issues - yes fucking Budget is all sold its now a hunt to get that nailed down.  I think that will be resolved by Wednesday.

Shawn has his tickets and today we found out that we will be taking the same flight from London to Tel Aviv LOL.  That's pretty cool.  Chris still is the lucky one with the direct flight to Tel Aviv!

I think the tours are just about nailed down.  I just need Chris's input and then I can start making my reservations.  I found a 60th anniversary tour that just sounds WAY too pass up so instead of the half day tour of Jerusalem, we will do the 60th anniversary tour instead.  Since we will have the rental car we can use it as needed to make our own way across Jerusalem.

Oh what else.....This weekend I might not be home...I might be in California...I want to see my grandmother before I leave...It's been about 4 years since I have seen her..and if I am going to fly half way around the world, I should at least take 2 days and see her.  That is the plan at this point.  I can't stay longer since the cats will be left to their own devices LOL

This week I will get the Power of Attorney done and the Quit Claim deed completed and put in my house safe.  I still need some additional supplies and I will try to get them the rest of the week, my boss tells me to remember to bring peanut butter and granola bars and other such thats on my agenda...and my boss was telling me to start making copies of my passport.. And, I have to go to the Dr again to get my friend Mr. Xanax...for the flight.

I have to get more batteries for the digital camera LOL..and soon I can start packing things that I simply do not use regularly by the end of the week, I think.  I can't believe it's less than two weeks...I want the time to fly but at the same time...I wish I had more time...weird feelings.

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