April 11, 2007

Possible Candidate Fred Thompson has Lymphoma

Hot Air and MereRhetoric has report that Fred Thompson has Lymphoma.  Fred Thompson is the famous actor who might be running for President in the 2008 race.  I do agree with Allah's analysis that you do not simply disclose this for no reason.  There is something behind it.  It could be a test ballon to see how his staff responds to this and how the public feels about his illness.  But, lets face facts, we have had a President who had Polio (FDR).  Presidents under a haze of political corruption that obviously wore them down and thus were probably not able to give 100% to the job.  Even today's republican candidates had had various medical issues that they had to deal with.  In the long run, I dont think its going to matter.  If Fred is going to be the candidate he will be because those of us who vote for him believe he will be the best standard bearer for the party. 

In the end, my vote is going to be based on who is going to wage the war against Islamofascism the most viciously and with the most determination and which candidate will best support Israel's right to defend itself.

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