August 29, 2007

Ultimate Chuztpah!!!

Umm...This has to be the joke of the day...I would laugh if it wasn't absolutely pitiful..but it seems Hezbullah is going to sue Israel for the 2006 war.  Hot Air, Yourish and LGF already have it.  Here is the meaty part:

Hezbollah is planning to file a host of lawsuits against Israel over the damages it caused during the Second Lebanon War. Lebanese individuals with dual citizenship will file the suits in the countries where they hold citizenship.

Attorney Ibrahim Awada, who heads Hezbollah’s legal department, revealed the plan last week on a Syrian television program devoted to “Zionist crimes against Lebanon.” He said that each plaintiff will hire a lawyer in the country where he files suit, and Hezbollah will pay the lawyers’ fees.

The Lebanese government began mulling lawsuits against Israel immediately after the war ended last summer, but was stymied by the fact that United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701, which ended the war, blamed Hezbollah, rather than Israel, for its outbreak. The government therefore set up a legal committee to explore more limited options, such as suits specifically over Israel’s use of cluster bombs and destruction of infrastructure.

Did the world go crazy and forget to tell me?  When did we enter the twilight zone?  Meryl had the best comment:

Yeah, good luck with that, schmucks. I’m going to take a wild guess and say that Israel isn’t going to bother responding to this one. It’s almost as stupid as the Egyptians threatening to sue Israel for the property the Hebrew slaves took from Egypt. (That one was ended when Jewish lawyers threatened to countersue for 400 years of slavery.)

And, according to the comments at  YES the lawsuit described in her comment did happen!

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