February 11, 2009

Update on Israeli Elections

With some absentee ballots still needing to be counted (mainly military ballots - which are likely to go to Likud) it seems that we have a near tie between Kadima and Likud.  Chances are still quite strong that Likud might get to form the next government with Bibi as Prime Minister!!!  The question hovers around Liberman and his party (Israel Beitenu) party.  Chances are he will be the next defense minister.  If Livni does get first crack at forming a coalition Israel will probably have a month or so of limbo while in all reality she will not be successful given that the majority of the seats in the Kenneset when to right wing parties and Kadima is viewed as a center-left party - hence the reason why Labor tanked was that many of those votes went to Kadima.  The question at this point is who will Peres get to pick to form the coalition first - Livni or Bibi.  I HOPE...I hope it's Bibi as I think he could do it rather quickly and I believe that his government will be a thorn in the side of Obama - and justly so!  Bibi will simply not be pushed around like he was during the Clinton administration (Wye Accords) and after the wars in Lebanon and Gaza the last thing Israel needs to do is to let up in fighting terrorism - instead they need to continue to carry the fight with renewed vigor and a clear plan.  AND SCHALIT NEEDS TO BE RELEASED.  Something Kadima has consistently failed to do.

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