October 30, 2008

US to become the new Israel???

Very interesting.  Ace has the scoop that Iran has threatened to have suicide bombers bomb us on American soil?  Now, in my crazy sense of humor the first thing was to think of places where there could be soft targets like UC Berkeley or that predominate Muslim community in Michigan (Dearborn I think).  IN REALITY, this would obviously mean a serious escalation and would only provoke the US to launching either unilateral strikes against them or allow us to slip Israel's leash.

The serious downside is that unlike what Israel has been able to do to reduce attacks (ie the Wall) this is not an option for us since those enemies are already inside the walls.  And, that is not entirely the worst of it.  Can you imagine what Obama's response would be if he was President and we started having suicide bombers start picking landmarks, malls, restaurants and key locals like airports or universities?  It would make the current economic headaches we are having look like fucking child's play.

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