October 31, 2009

Vegas Day 2

Woke up about 8 am, cleaned up and went walking down the retail shops at the Stratosphere.  Most of the shops were closed and hardly anyone was around and it was great.  They had an Oxygen bar there!!! LOL  Selling air...how funny.

I go to starbucks and use one of my coupons - and that was breakfast.  Took it back up to the room, did my school work (running trend between Vegas and Israel) LOL and did a bit of work and then checked out expressly via my room.

At this point I knew it was far too early to go to Trump Hotel.  So I cruised the Strip took some photos and got some gas.  Then had lunch.  At that point I thought I should circle back and just see about checking in.  Did the valet thing and they took me in right away.  I was able to upgrade my room to a suite on the 48th floor overlooking the strip and WOW...what a view.  The room even has a fridge and a microwave and an oven!  I WANT TO LIVE HERE! ROFL...Anyway, at this point I love the suite it is my fav - but NO ONE else has shown up.  This is supposed to be a group adventure than went from 12 people nearly confirmed or had confirmed and by 5 pm no one else was here.  I just sort of figured Ok, its just me..I can just kick back and relax and go at my own whim.  Then Agrippa calls me and tells me that he his here.  So, we connect up to my suite and talk about NR and introduce ourselves and have a relaxing evening.  We go downstairs to the Trump restaurant where I have to say I had the best steak in my freaking life!  We call it a day pretty much after dinner.  We make plans for tomorrow and I go back to my room to finish up my classes.  A fun day overall! 

The only thing better is if more people showed up. My room was perfect to handle accommodations up easily up to 10 people and the spare room I paid for went unused. LOL

Lots of photos taken. 

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