September 24, 2007

War "Documentary"

I had really high hopes for that documentary.  I missed most of last nights - due to grading finals but I saw tonite's.  I know last night's episode spent almost 40 minutes discussion the damned Japanese Internment Camps (yes it was a travesty, but lets not go overboard there were FAR worse tragadies during WWII).  And again tonite they were talking agian about the Japanese Internment camps.  The Damned Liberal PC police must find a way to blame America for all the problems in the fucking world!  Yes it pisses me off.  Ken Burns was a great documentarian.  The Civil war is a Classic and I do not think it can be improved upon..but this one on WWII - the Greatest Generation...he screwed the pooch this time.  Can we please get a proper view of WWII and how it influenced all segements of our society.  Even Disney was out there making patriotic films to support the war effort! 

Dont belive me?  Watch this - from LGF

WWII Disney Short: Reason vs. Emotion

Mon, Sep 24, 2007 at 8:21:15 pm PST

In World War II, America knew how to create effective propaganda.

These days ... not so much. In fact, not at all. The only propaganda coming out of Hollywood these days is on the enemy’s side.

(Video player requires Flash Player.)

There is no one in Hollywood today who has the balls to do this type of support anymore.  Sometimes I really fear for Western Civilization!

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