April 10, 2008

What a day!

Well I am now showing up to work early (an hour earlier).  Really that is no big deal, just an hour less sleep LOL.  Then after work today a couple of guys from the shop helped move some furniture.  My candelabra was almost broken because the entertainment they moved was umm...very very large.  Yet everything was moved upstairs (bookcase and entertainment unit.)  My living room is SO EMPTY!  I really like it.  Though the cats did not appreciate being scared shitless while all this ruckus was going on.  Cornelius did try to investigate but as soon as the Jeffrey got near him...he bailed LOL.  Well they made some money out of it and got a propane powered bbq and a nice table out of it. 

After that I promptly fell asleep for about an hour...until my phone started ringing.

Now I just have to decide what in the hell I am going to do with these extra TVs!  And I gotta move some of these boxes into the garage.

And, you know what sucks.  Today I got paid from the college - my first draft using direct deposit and damn the money was gone even before it hit the damned account.  Oh well..another step closer to Israel!

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