September 30, 2007

WOW another chatroom party!

Happened this evening!   What a spectacular way to end the weekend!  And this time I didn't feel like I was dominating the conversation WHOO! LOL (mainly because I was multi-tasking).

Let's see - the participants were:  Tasha, Yair, Chris, Shawn, Dan, and myself.  Wow we really need to get a bigger chatroom because once the conversation speeds can easily loose your place.

And we got a new clip posted which will be put on here tomorrow!  But wow..I just saw it...on the stream (Thanks Dan) It's cool very cool....what can I's awesomely cool!

Let's was Shawn's first time talking to Tasha! LOL and boy could we tell! LOL - Hope you enjoyed the experience just like we have!   Yair was very funny and we told the them about our joke on PSI LOL!   And well other stuff went on...too..talking about Adobe software and such...hehe...movies and just shooting the was all great! 

I can't wait until next time..and hopefully I wont be stuck doing school work in between chatting

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