December 31, 2008

Year in Review

Last year I did my first year in review.  I think its now about time to recap the year...and WHAT a year it was!

The year started with Chris and I planning our trip to Israel.  That seemed to be the running theme for most of the year!  That was absolutely the running thread.   Israel Israel ISRAEL!!!!

Anyway, the year seemed to drag slow up until September.  The girls did less clips...and now no more new clips.  There was the stresses of personal lives...that seemed to start the beginning of the year...but also the highlight of increasing phone contact with Lital...from my first call on Christmas Day 2007 up until the trip.  

Then FINALLY September came..and being all giddy with excitement at my first international travel.   Shawn adding himself to our plans at nearly the last minute...and trying to find a way to get the most out of the trip. With the little time we had.

The bittersweetness of landing in Lod....knowing that a lifetime of expectation and over a year of planning was going to be over in little over two weeks...   Meeting Lital, Yair, Adi and making new friends there.was BEYOND amazing!!!  Not to mention the euphoric 8th day...LOL When we had our tour of the Galilee, Golan, dinner and drinks with Adi and May...and later even more drinks with Lital.....That was truly was it.  That was the highlight of the trip.

Then coming back and getting back into the daily grind...LOL yeah that was a let down...but the desire to go back and to live there permanently has NOT diminished one ounce...since I have been back.  And, that seems to be my get back to Israel.   

So now...the year winds down...far differently than last more new clips from the girls....the trip complete....Israel in a war.....Obama President....LOL  Honestly I have no idea where the next year will go.  But, hopefully the highs will be just as enjoyable as they were this year and the lows not so bad and easily overcome. 

I just hope everyone is safe, secure and has a prosperous new year!

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That's a very cool capture of the year and who knows what will be the next. i'm sure we'll have many suprises. dishka and me are planning to do a clip for quite some time. and now we got some time (too bad that it's war that made it) to work on it. so start of next week we'll be filming and editing and hopfully we'll have the clip in about a month? hehe that's the goal anyway. no less than a month. have an awesome year everybody! and expect change cause it will always show up the door, except it and yourselves happy new year!

love and hugs

Posted by: tasha at January 01, 2009 02:56 AM (xrWdN)

2 Hi Tasha!!!

Glad your safe and that you stopped by.   I hope you are having about as good of a time as you can!

Posted by: Robert Woolwine at January 01, 2009 11:01 AM (fwQ5b)

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